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KANZ Scientific Competition in Its Third Step

KANZ Scientific Competition in Its Third Step

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The third edition of the KANZ scientific competition for the Islamic world U-45 researchers and scientists will be held with the aim of identifying the best projects to solve the problems of different societies.

Holding Mustafa Prize as one of the symbols of scientific excellence in the world was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 2013.

This award, which is given biennially to the best scientists and researchers of the Islamic world, is granted to an innovative work on the edge of knowledge that is the basis for improving human life.

In the next steps, Mustafa Prize designed and implemented scientific competitions and meetings among scientists, young researchers, and Muslim students from different countries.

Knowledge Application and Notion for society (KANZ), which means the application of knowledge and ideas for the academic community, Noor student competition for the teenage generation and STEP meetings (Science and Technology Exchange Program/STEP) for professors and scientists are examples of these activities.

The first round of KANZ was held in health, energy, economy, water and environment, and information technology fields.

The event was held with the participation of 1045 people (753 students and 292 faculty members) and received 590 works from 15 Islamic countries.

In addition to Iran, 36 works from Oman, Malaysia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, and Kazakhstan were sent to the secretariat, and 70% of the participants were men and 30% were women, head of KANZ Saeed Sohrabpoor said.

The call for the second round of KANZ was published with a slight delay due to the COVID19 outbreak.

The second round of the KANZ scientific competition in two free and challenging sections, six scientific and technological fields; including water, environment and energy, health and medical equipment, information and communication technology, economy, banking and financing, transportation, and a special field for the year 1400, which is mining industries, hosted technological projects of enthusiasts.

13 international pavilions attended KANZ competition, some of them from Iran, Pakistan, India, and Oman, and some others related to international institutions.

They presented 63 challenges and the researchers presented scientific and technological solutions to solve these challenges.

These pavilions include Semnan Science and Technology Park, Sharif Policy Making Research Institute, Oman Sultan Qaboos University, COMSATS University of Islamabad, World Federation of Science, Science and Technology Communication Chair in the same universities program and UNESCO UNITWIN UCCST chairs, Pakistan National Science and Technology Park , the network of Islamic science and technology parks, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), Pakistan, University of Central Punjab, Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), and the Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation is one of four standing committees of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMSTECH).

Besides Mustafa Prize awards, the winners of this KANZ competition will receive a loan worth 300 million tomans from Tose'e Ta'avon Bank for developing their projects.


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