Researchers from Iran, Bangladesh and Malaysia compete in six different fields

Muslim Researchers Attend KANS Scientific Competition

Muslim Researchers Attend KANS Scientific Competition

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Young Muslim researchers from Iran, Bangladesh and Malaysia will participate in KANS Scientific Competition. Head of the 2nd KANS Scientific Competition Saeed Sohrab Poor said that some 20 researchers from Iran, Bangladesh and Malaysia will compete in 6 different fields. The 11th INOTEX, the most important event of Iran's innovation and technology ecosystem, will be held on May 10-13 in Pardis Technology Park. He said the event is aimed at appreciating the achievements and research of young scientists in the Islamic world in order to solve the challenges and problems of the Islamic countries in various fields. Participants submit a three- to five-minute video presenting their idea. In addition to water, environment and energy, health and medical technology, information and communications technology, transportation, economy, banking and financing,‌ mining and mineral industries have also been added as a special field. Meanwhile, managing director of Mustafa Prize Ali Omrani elaborated on the details of KANS Scientific Competition, saying that some 658 works including 150 non-Iranian works from 25 countries (Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mali, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen) sent to the Secretariat. Regarding KANS Scientific Competition’s awards, he said they include KANZ Medal and certificate of appreciation; 30-g gold badge; $-2,000 scholarship; special privilege for taking advantage of Mostafa Prize networking platforms and granting special facilities up to 200 million Tomans by Pardis Technology Park to selected works. He also referred to the ICCBS Center of Karachi University, Pakistan; Sultan Qaboos University of Oman (SQU); Committee for International Science and Technology Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMSTECH); UNESCO Science and Technology Communication (UCCST); COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), World Science Foundation (WSF) Sharif Policy-making Research Institute (RISTIP); Semnan Science and Technology Park (SSTP) and Zarrin Industrial and Mining Group (Zarrin Group Company) as this round’s centers. Holding B2B and fundraising meetings in the form of capital Café are among other programs of KANA Scientific Competition in INOTEX exhibition, he noted. KANS stands for Knowledge Application and Notion for Society. It aims to present science-based solutions to human issues which are offered by young scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout the Islamic countries

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