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Mustafa Prize (PBUH) a Great Motivation for Scientists

Mustafa Prize (PBUH) a Great Motivation for Scientists

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The Executive Director of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) Jauad El Kharraz said that the Islamic world requires creative and prominent scientists, and the Mustafa Prize (PBUH) can increase motivation in scientists and researchers.


Such an award can be an incentive for Muslim scientists and researchers to do outstanding research and provide innovative solutions and new technologies; so that it will lead to scientific initiatives and increase the scientific quality of human knowledge, especially in the Islamic world.


Referring to the value of Mustafa Prize (PBUH), he said: This reward helps the researcher or scientist to bring his scientific research to international markets, or to develop his laboratory and research group for adding more scientific information.

He stressed the importance of the developing scientific cooperation between Muslim scientists and innovators of the Islamic world regarding the opportunity that the Mustafa (PBUH) Award and the Science and Technology Exchange Meeting (STEP) create for scientists and innovators.


Most of the scientific collaborations of Muslim scientists is established with European or American scientists and scientific exchange rarely happens between scientists in the Islamic world, he stated.


El Kharraz urged Muslim scientists to use this opportunity and create specialized groups in different scientific fields.


Without scientific research, the Islamic countries will be weak, that's why we should invest in scientific research and strengthen scientific cooperation among ourselves and create resources and incentives for it, he said.


Referring to the Islamic world’s problems growth of, he said that immigration of Muslim elites is an important issue and causes great damage to the Islamic world, because it benefits the hosting countries.


Mustafa Prize (PBUH) is not enough to prevent the immigration of elites, because it should be mixed with other measures such as the commitment of decision makers through increasing the scientific research budget, paying more attention to scientific and academic forces, and providing a research environment for scientists and researchers such as European and American countries and develop well-equipped laboratories and simpler administrative methods, El Kharraz noted.


The budget allocated to scientific research and encouraging the participation of universities and institutes and the private sector; including industrial companies has been increased, he said.


We must have a regular and specific mechanism whose goal is to improve the scientific status of researchers and university professors based on the quality of scientific research, not its quantity, and based on the value of scientific productions and practical applications, and investment in innovation-based projects that meet national needs, he added.


It solves the basic problems related to water and energy, health, transportation and agriculture sectors, he noted.


Cooperation between the Islamic countries, especially in the field of scientific research, is still limited and is not at the level of cooperation between researchers in the Islamic world and their counterparts in Western countries.


The Islamic world cannot regain its honors without progress in the scientific research and the system of innovation and free thinking.


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