An achievement made by a knowledge-based company in Elite Technology Development Center of Pardis Technology Park

Optimus To Help Industries and Mines

Optimus To Help Industries and Mines

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Nested drones under the network, produced by Raymon Company, in Pardis Technology Park Elite Technology Development Center, have taken an effective step in developing mines through online imaging.

Optimus is a non-military drone used for filming. This cutting-edge technology, called the DIB platform, has been focused for several years and various countries have started this field.

CEO of Raymon Company Sajjad Karimi referred to the importance of using drones in imaging, saying that drones produced by other companies require a user or an expert pilot on site, which creates limitations, but Raymon Group has been able to design a system consisting of a bird (drone), the box and software under the network, practically remove the pilot and operator from the drone system.

Based on the company’s program, instead of the presence of pilot at the drone’s location, the flight command is issued to the specified place and the necessary information is received through the network software by pressing a button, he added.

In general, drones can easily reach places that are difficult for humans to access or life-threatening, and the advantage of Optimus is that by eliminating the operator, it can be used in mines, in matters related to mapping and protection.

Raymon Company is cooperating with Mobarakeh Steel Company, Tehran Office and Iran National Cartographic Center, he said.

He noted that the company has received permit for designing and production of drones from Civil Aviation Organization.


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