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Over 4,000 People Attend Noor Competition

Over 4,000 People Attend Noor Competition

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4,576 students from 19 countries participated by presenting 1,862 works in the 5th round of Noor Competition, to commemorate Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni.

The event included production of 60-second films with the general theme of "vision and vision errors" and the special theme of "creating realistic models for mathematical concepts".

In the general category, 100 prestigious works and in the special category three selected works will be granted packages and training courses worth 200 million Tomans.

Research institutes and schools with superior participation will also be awarded.

Students can participate in this event in the form of groups of 2-3 member or with the participation of their family members and send their works to the secretariat through

Students from 19 countries including Iran, South Africa, China, France, America, India, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, England, Ukraine, Canada, Pakistan, Brazil, Czech Republic and Macedonia sent their works to the secretariat.

The previous round of Noor Competition were held to commemorate Ibn al-Haytham, Jackie Yi-Ru Ying, Ismail al-Jazari and  Omar Mwannes Yaghi.


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