By holding empowerment plan and SADAF employment camp

Pardis Technology Park on Path of Empowerment and Employing Specialized Labor Force

Pardis Technology Park on Path of Empowerment and Employing Specialized Labor Force

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Pardis Technology Park hosted 500 job seekers and 60 employers from knowledge-based companies.

The event coincided with the closing ceremony of Sadaf Jobmeet.

Some interviews were also held by students of Pardis Innovation District universities between employers and job-seekers.

Statistics show that the unemployment rate among the university graduates is about 40%, which is less than 12 percent among other people in the society.

The third round of Sadaf empowerment project (especially for Pardis Innovation District) was held by Pardis Technology Park and under the support of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology at Pardis Technology Park.

These projects also help create an effective role-playing environment in the technology and innovation ecosystem and design future professional paths based on the individual talents and students and graduates characteristics.

The second round of employment camp was held with the support of Pardis Technology Park aiming to provide manpower for members and to increase the capacity of university graduates in the field of employment.

Employment Camp is a training program based on job opportunities provided by employers, which will include workshops on practical skills training, counseling, practical work in the form of teamwork challenges and technical projects (through communication with the employer), in the form of internships.


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