Main Roles of Pardis Technology Park in Innovation Ecosystem:

Pardis Technology Park, The Largest Science & Technology Park in Iran

Pardis Technology Park, The Largest Science & Technology Park in Iran

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Pardis Technology Park is the largest science and technology park in the country, which helps economic growth and development by providing suitable conditions for startups and knowledge-based companies.

According to Tejaratnews, Pardis Technology Park has been established with the aim of increasing wealth in society through innovation between startups and knowledge-based companies.

These parks support new ideas and technologies to grow. There are about 45 science and technology parks in Iran and startups and knowledge-based companies can use this opportunity to help economic development and growth in the country.

Pardis is the largest science and technology park in the West Asia.

Proximity to Tehran, suitable weather conditions and suitable infrastructure in the region are among the reasons for which the area was selected to establish Pardis Technology Park.

Azadi Innovation Factory and High-way Innovation Factory are Pardis Technology Park branches.

INOTEX is one of the most important startup gatherings in Iran that is held every year in Pardis Technlogy Park.

. This event provides an opportunity for the country's knowledge-based companies and startups to attract international investors and exchange their knowledge and technology.

Various bodies like Intellectual Property Center, operators, Iran Center for e-Commerce Development, Iran Fara Bourse, Iranian Cyber Police and legislative bodies participate in this event.

In fact, science and technology parks are the foundation of knowledge-based economy and innovation businesses in a country.

The park is a unit connected to universities and research centers. It provides infrastructure and support services, especially office and laboratory spaces, for knowledge-based companies. It also paves the way for technology transfer and development, investment attraction and joining domestic and foreign markets.


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021



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