By introducing three technology products of the financial industry

Pardis Technology Park Unveils 3 Technology and Innovative Products In Financial Industry Field

Pardis Technology Park Unveils 3 Technology and Innovative Products In Financial Industry Field

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The 5th round of Pardis Technology Park unveiling ceremony was held on February 27, 2022, in which three technology and innovative products in financial industry were presented to customers and audiences.

Addressing the event, Head of Pardis Technology Park's Technology Trade Development Center Milad Sadrkhanloo offered PTP’s financial support for the event's contracts.

Referring to the ongoing contracts and previous negotiations, he said that five contracts worth approximately 30 billion Tomans are being signed and the event has growing results.

Meanwhile, Reza Badie from ‘Moneyar’ referred to various types of payment services for individuals and businesses and organizations as examples of services provided by ‘Moneyar’ to financial industry in recent years.

One of the newest products of ‘Moneyar’ is the application for organizations to support the welfare funds, to improve productivity, priority management, communication management, etc, he added.

This product tries to help the financial exchanges between the personnel and the organization by creating a relationship between the personnel of an organization, in addition to creating an advantage in the development of internal relations.

In the meantime, Hamid Reza Torabian from ‘Raibod Iranian’ said that the company’s product has been designed to provide an integrated online business package to help digitize businesses as well as develop their business.

Providing electronic payment services, online shop with the ability to be connected to Instagram, digital catalog, dedicated customer club, etc. are some of the features of the product.

The event was organized by Neurobizz and with coordination of INOTEX, Iran National Techmart, Ecomotive media and FABA.


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