Pardis Technology Park pavilion in Iran Health Show 2024:

Pardis Technology Park Various Services Presented in Iran Health 2024

Pardis Technology Park Various Services Presented in Iran Health 2024

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Pardis Technology Park, as one of the arms of the development of knowledge-based activities in Iran, has introduced the diverse services of the park to the visitors by setting up a pavilion in hall 35 of the 25th Iran Health Show 2024.

In addition to showcasing medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and laboratory tools and equipment from Pardis Technology Park companies, it introduces the park's diverse services to visitors in different departments.

Work Station, Elite Technology Development Center, Innovation Acceleration Center, providing investment services from the Park broker (Karen Crowd Company), providing consulting and support services to companies to obtain basic knowledge from the Middle East Technology Assessment Company, including the department active in the Pardis Technology Park pavilion, which provides services to the visitors.

Membership of the Elite Technology Development Center is one of the services provided by Pardis Technology Park.

In this department, graduates and entrepreneurs who have a specific technological idea and have little capital and experience in the field of economic activities and need support can be active in this center.

The work station is another part of the Pardis Technology Park pavilion. This event has been implemented for the first time at Iran Health Show with the aim of introducing talented job seekers to the companies present at Iran Health Show.

In the work station section, Sadaf Job Meet event was also introduced to the visitors of this exhibition, the purpose of Sadaf Job Meet is communication between industry, university and technology in such a way that employment interviews of people and companies present at the exhibition will be conducted at the exhibition site.

High Technology Development Fund relying on its experience and successful record in providing modern financial and technological services to the technological and innovative ecosystem of the country, offers its services in the fields of investment and partnership, facilities, guarantees, crowdfunding and brokerage of financial resources to activists in Iran Health Show 2024.


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

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