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Pars Karen Produces Intelligent And Remote Management Systems

Pars Karen Produces Intelligent And Remote Management Systems

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The managing director of Pars Karen Company said Morteza Shahr Aieni said the company has produced intelligent and remote management systems.

These systems are used for intelligent and remote control, and the company has been able to commercialize its products under Pardis Technology Park support.

Shahr Aieni hailed the role of artificial intelligence in people’s life.

The integration of artificial intelligence with the internet of things and cloud computing servers creates many opportunities for the direct integration of the physical world and computer-based systems, in which all devices communicate mutually, he said.

The presence of intelligent systems and new technologies can have positive results, such as increasing creativity and making people's lives easier.

Pars Karen smart greenhouse system, by keeping up with the latest technology in the world (smartening), optimizes and automates crop cultivation and creates a good transformation in agriculture.

Pars Karen smart greenhouses are equipped with modern sensor and communication technologies that automatically receive and process information from the environment.

Optimal use of manpower, saving water consumption, increasing productivity by over 40% compared to traditional greenhouses, preventing energy waste in remote control and monitoring and high safety are among the characteristics of this system.

Smart home

Due to increase in construction of metropolitan areas and also the widespread use of technology and modern equipment, the intelligent system in residential, office and commercial buildings has attracted more attention.

The system can intelligently control lighting, doors, windows and curtains, as well as remote control sensors, ambient temperature and intelligent green space irrigation.

Mine-tunnel, impassable ways control system

The control and monitoring of mines, tunnels, telecommunication channels, electricity, gas, water and hard-to-reach places are among human concerns and have huge costs.

Integrated on-line control and monitoring, high safety system and reduce in maintenance costs and optimal use of manpower, saving time and money and real-time reporting are among the advantages of the system.

He went on to say that Pars Karen Company is now working on joint projects with Oman, Ukraine and a number of domestic projects as well.


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