232 knowledge-based companies working to improve local health market

Presenting 974 Health Technology Products in Iran's National Techmart

Presenting 974 Health Technology Products in Iran's National Techmart

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232 knowledge-based companies are trying to improve the local health market in Iran by offering their products and services.

One of the practical tools in turning Iran into an important hub in the field of innovation and technology is designing the chain of ideas to the sale of the product meaning that grounds have been paved for changing the idea into a product and to connect the product to the market.

Iran National Techmart is one a center that, with the help of technology brokers, is trying to complete this chain by connecting the technology to market.

These efforts in the field of smart city, gas, petrochemical, agriculture and health have been manifested by creating specialized technology markets.

For example, health is one of the fields that, with the help of technology and innovation, has been able to indigenize a large part of its needs by relying on domestic capabilities, and the needs are met with domestic products and services. Accordingly, with the help of technology brokers, 974 technological products from 232 knowledge-based and technological companies have been introduced so that the market has access to these products based on its needs.

Air sampling filter based on nanofibers to determine the amount of crystalline silica pollutants, nanoclay powder, a product with favorable thermal stability and compatible with non-polar and semi-polar polymers, as well as a wide range of industrial colors and organic resins, vitamin for ‘Shaver’ laying hens, dicalcium Phosphate and nanofoam SC (self-cleaning nanofoam) are among these products.


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