Aiming at becoming familiar with problems of member companies;

President of General Inspection Organization of Iran visits Pardis Technology Park

President of General Inspection Organization of Iran visits Pardis Technology Park

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President of General Inspection Organization of Iran Zabiyollah Khodaeiyan visited Pardis Technology Park, meeting with CEOs of member companies of the complex and discussing their issues and problems.

While visiting different sections of Pardis Technology Park, Zabiyollah Khodaeiyan held meetings with the Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs, Sorena Sattari, and the President of Pardis Technology Park, Mahdi Saffari Nia, and discussed the problems of knowledge-based companies.

Pointing to the supervisory duty of the General Inspection Organization, Zabiyollah Khodaeiyan said, “Following the meeting with Mr. Sorena Sattari, a decree was issued in which we were asked to monitor issues related to knowledge-based companies. In this regard, a working group will be created at the General Inspection Organization with cooperation of related agencies. It was also decided that in the next month, programs that are anticipated in relation to knowledge-based companies in the field of supervision and inspection will be on the agenda and in the intervals of several months, the performance of the institutions that should cooperate with the knowledge-based companies will be monitored”.

Mentioning that one of the approaches of the General Inspection Organization is corrective and preventive measures as well as effective monitoring in order to remove obstacles of the executive institutions during performing their duties, tasks and missions, he added, “We have great rules in the field of production”.

“We will monitor the performance of institutions which should enforce the rules and the measures of the General Inspection Organization are in line with the motto of the year and helping the knowledge-based companies and entrepreneurship,” Zabiyollah Khodaeiyan went on to say.

He urged the representatives of knowledge-based companies to reflect their problems and obstacles in writing to the General Inspection Organization, so that the especial working group can review them.

“The General Inspection Organization stands with knowledge-based companies and are trying to solve some of their problems,” Khodaeiyan concluded.

Khodaeiyan also visited Danesh Andish Runa, knowledge-based company and the permanent exhibition of products of the Pardis Technology Park.



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