PTP president addressing the 21st annual meeting of Park:

Private Sector’s 8300 Billion Tomans Investment in Pardis Technology Park

Private Sector’s 8300 Billion Tomans Investment in Pardis Technology Park

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Addressing the 21st annual meeting of the park, President of Pardis Technology Park, referred to the turnover of 128,000 billion tomans of Pardis Technology Park in 1401, saying that the PTP members saved 600 million euros foreign exchange by indigenizing knowledge and technologies and producing high-tech products inside the country.

In 1401, the domestic sales of the park's members were 42,000 billion tomans, with a financial turnover of 128,000 billion tomans, Mahdi Saffarinia said.

Referring to the production of 2,242 items in Pardis Technology Park, he said that more than 23 products of companies have been exported to 14 countries and these companies have prevented €600 million will be withdrawn from the country.

More than 326,000 square meters of research and technology spaces have been created by the private sector in Pardis Technology Park, 11% of which is for the year 1401, he said.

The total space designed in the park by the private sector is more than one million square meters, he added.

One of the important programs for developing the technology units' product market, which was designed and implemented in cooperation with the New Technologies Development Fund, was the unveiling of (Made in PTP), which reduces the risk of buyers, he stated.

Pardis Technology Park plays a role in meeting the technological needs of the country's major industries by relying on the specialized and technical capabilities of the member companies, Saffarinia said.

He also referred to holding 15 pavilions of park member companies in specialized and international exhibitions, 20 specialized meetings aimed at fulfilling the needs of industries, 10 technology tours of knowledge-based companies from the country's industrial infrastructure, opening the office of Tehran Oil Refining Company and Karun Petrochemical Company in the park and holding the international business meeting between Iran and Venezuela as the measures taken by Pardis Technology Park to meet the technological needs of industries.

Signing 15 memoranda and agreements between technology companies and industries worth about 400 billion tomans, formation of 235 billion tomans knowledge-based consortium with implementation of technological projects in government industries, definition of 70 technological projects in government industries, identification of over 500 technological demands in industries and signing an 83 billion tomans technology indigenization contract with the participation of the Pardis Technology Park has been the outcomes of these measures.

Pardis Technology Park has attracted Iranian elites living abroad, provided employment, and is considered as the best technology park in attracting these elites in the country, he said.

Referring to the management and development of Iran's National Techmart as a technology exchange market in the country by Pardis Technology Park, he said: Currently, this network has 36 regional and specialized techmart offices in the Iranian provinces.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Saffarinia pointed to INOTEX as another annual programs of Pardis Technology Park, saying that the 12th INOTEX has witnessed more than 100,000 visitors from 20 countries in the exhibition and the presence of more than 400 companies and startups.

He described holding the International Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) as one of the international activities of the Pardis Technology Park, saying: With the initiative of the D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8 TTEN) secretariat, the 4th edition of the International Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) was held in 1401.

Mustafa (pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation with the support and cooperation of Pardis Technology Park carries out various programs to develop science and technology in the Islamic world, among these programs, was the 3rd edition of the KANZ competition, Saffarinia said.

Holding the 5th Noor student competition and judging the submitted works for the 5th Mustafa (PBUH) Prize, he added.

Pardis Technology Park is one of the attractive destinations for domestic and foreign political and business delegations, he said.

In 1401, more than 120 domestic delegations and 70 foreign delegations at different levels visited the park, he noted.


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