Which infrastructural and urban services of the park are CEOs of the park's companies more satisfied with?

PTP Companies’ Managers 17% Satisfied with Its Architecture and Beauty

PTP Companies’ Managers 17% Satisfied with Its Architecture and Beauty

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In its development process, Pardis Technology Park has always paid attention to urban and infrastructure services.

Accordingly, supplying water, electricity, gas and sewage in Pardis Technology Park has created high satisfaction among the managers of the member companies, and in each field, between 40% to 65% of the company managers express their satisfaction with these services.

Meanwhile, in the opinion poll of the managers, 78% of them were satisfied with the architecture of the park and its beauty.

One of the characteristics of Pardis Technology Park is the beauty of the city and the architecture of its buildings.

One of the vital services provided to Pardis Technology Park member companies is infrastructure services.

Due to the fact that Pardis Technology Park is located outside the urban area, the provision of infrastructure services has been one of the priorities of this park since its establishment, and urban infrastructure such as electricity, water, gas and sewage are well prepared in the park.

Water supply is one of the most important urban infrastructure services in Pardis Technology Park which has brought about 62.9% satisfaction. In the field of electricity supply, the managers of the park's member companies have expressed 40.9% satisfaction.

According to the opinion poll, more than 65% of the managers have expressed their satisfaction with the gas supply in the park.

On the other hand, 16.4% consider the park's sewage system to be completely satisfactory, and 29.6% others are satisfied in this regard (a total of 46% satisfaction). 


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