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Revolution in Cancer Treatment Through Personalized Medicine

Revolution in Cancer Treatment Through Personalized Medicine

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CEO of Pioneer Research Anahita Mohammad Reza Lornezhad said scientists believe that the best way to treat all types of cancer is to use personalized medicine to fight tumors in each patient's body.

In the last decade, with the efforts of researchers, individual medicine has created revolution in cancer treatment, he said.

Individual treatment means using genomic knowledge and other laboratory studies to select the appropriate treatment for a patient, he added.

Developing new methods with high efficiency has made it possible to identify new biomarkers and produce targeted drugs in order to increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce its side effects.

He noted that 75-80% of the chemotherapy drugs that are prescribed to patients are not effective or if they are effective, they have many negative side effects.

Tissue analysis is very important in the treatment personalization method.

We need a part of the cancerous tissue that is sent to pathology to check the level of cancer, so that it can be reproduced outside the body and test the existing drugs on the tissue.

Our main goal in personalized treatment is focused on gastric cancer, which has fewer complications for the patient and allows him to have a more complete and better treatment and recovery, he stated.


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