Inotex 2022

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Startups in the Field of Creative Industries

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Startups in the Field of Creative Industries

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Tehran (PTP) A Memorandum of Understanding for Investment in Creative Industries Startups inked between Sepehr Research and Technology Fund a stakeholder of the largest Creative Industries Exchange Fund and Omid Innovation Center which is known in Creative Industries and Novira-Tech Network Broker (Iran national technomart broker) on the sidelines of Inotex 2022. According to the Inotex 2022 news agency, the secretary of the National technomart of Iran said regarding the approach of this MOU: One of the goals of Inotex exhibition, along with networking, has been to discuss the innovation ecosystem relationship between industry, and investment in ecosystem and technology ecology. Mohammad Amin Khaleghi emphasized on the commercial goals of this memorandum: "Presenting soft, cultural and creative industries has been priorities of this exhibition program due to their importance. “We submitted a call for soft and creative industry projects, and about 30 teams sent their designs to the inotex secretariat." Khaleghi added: "On the sidelines of this event and following the connection of Novira-Tech brokerage to various investors to invest in startups, A memorandum of understanding was signed in this regard, specifically a 10 billion toman memorandum of investment in startups inked in the field of creative industries. Sepehr Technology Research Fund, in cooperation with the Omid Innovation Center, concluded a MOU with the brokerage company of this event and the Novira-Tech brokerage. At the end of his speech, he said: "I hope that teams come to an agreement by holding more meetings, and this fund can provide their capital funding up to 10 billion Tomans."

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