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The First Post Bank Branch Was Opened in Pardis Technology Park

The First Post Bank Branch Was Opened in Pardis Technology Park

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Tehran_(PTP)The first Post Bank branch was opened at the high Technology Development fund of Pardis Technology Park. According to the news agency of Inotex 2022 exhibition, With the presence of Mohammad Amin Aghamiri; Minister of Information and Communications Technology of Iran, Behzad Shiri; Managing director of Post Bank of Iran and Akbar Ghanbarpour; Adviser to the Minister and Chairman of the Board and the head of Payam International Airport and also managers of the high Technologies Development Fund, the first branch of Post Bank was opened at the location of this fund. Iran Technologies Development Fund (ITDF), as the financial arm of knowledge-based and technology companies, has so far been able to sets for the terms and understanding with more than 14 banks, while performing the electronic process of providing financial services, the possibility of using these types of banking services by issuing guarantees, providing facilities, investment and participation and crowdfunding to the applicant. The event was held on the sidelines of the 11th International Exhibition of Innovation and Technology (inotex2022).

Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

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