Inotex 2022

The New 3d Printer of Idesign Company Was Unveiled at Inotex 2022

The New 3d Printer of Idesign Company Was Unveiled at Inotex 2022

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On the second day of Inotex 2022, IDESIGN, a company that produces 3D printers, unveiled its 3D printer called Vandar 350 Pro. Tehran (PTP) According to the inotex news agency, at the beginning of the event, which was held at Inotex MediaHub, the CEO of iDesign, Amir Hossein Mahmoudi, spoke about production, research process and development. He noted: "Considering the size of the production market in Iran, which is 80,000, and the size of the prototype market, which is 500, we decided to produce this device with the aim of entering the market." Amir Hossein Mahmoudi continued: "initially we started our work by making an SLS printer, which was not successful due to lack of familiarity and compatibility with the market, so we re-entered the market with a different point of view and perspective." He emphasizes: “The Vandar 350 Pro was created to remove two barriers, first one was an expensive part which is based on industrial needs, and the second, the parts that were cheap and did not have the proper quality for the industry,". Amir Hossein Mahmoudi explained about the competitive advantage of this device: "According to our research, this device does not have a domestic model and is available abroad only in countries such as Spain, USA, China and Poland." "Our future plan is to enter the global market," he concluded. Following this event, a sales agreement of this product was signed with Sharif University in the presence of Amir Hossein Mahmoudi, CEO of iDesign, and Dr. Abdullahi, Director of Sharif University Additive Manufacturing Laboratory. "The applications of this device are mainly medical in the field of implants and surgical guide." Dr. Abdullahi said about the use of this printer.


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