On the third day of Inotex 2022 exhibition

The Reverse Pitch Event of Iran Central Iron Ore Company Was Held

The Reverse Pitch Event of Iran Central Iron Ore Company Was Held

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Tehran_(PTP) On the third day of Inotex 2022 exhibition, Pardis Technology Park hosted a specialized event to present the technological needs of Iran Central Iron Ore Company (ICIOC). According to the Inotex 2022 news agency, Mr.Yaqtin, a member of the board of Iran-Bafq Central Iron Ore Company, said at the event: "The establishment of the Iron Ore Innovation Center is one of the procedures that is in progress." Also, two days ago, at the Inotex event, a venture capital fund (VC) was concluded with Astan Quds Razavi. Yaqtin added: "The most important problem of the mining industries is water supply, which requires the efforts of knowledge-based companies." CEO of Se_chahun Pelletizing plant said at this reverse pitch: a suitable solution to recover 400,000 tons of pellet soft is improving the performance of great pellets and eliminate disturbances during the drying and preheating process, provide a solution to replace bentonite (one of the pelletizing additives) and producing flocculants chemicals that are part of imported goods. Kamali added: Extracting valuable elements from mineral wastes is another area of cooperation with knowledge-based companies. Parniani, the technical manager of Se_Chahoon Pelletizing Plant, said at the reverse pitch event of Pardis Technology Park: "Producing the oil and consumable grease for machinery and equipment, which is imported, is one of our needs in the mining complex." Preventing the elimination of consumable oils and greases, producing a wide belt conveyor and making slurry valves in different sizes and preventing imports are other requirements that knowledge-based companies can cooperate with. Rajabi, head of the Se_Chahoon Pellet Plant, was the last speaker to present the challenges of monitoring pellet dimensions using image processing, kiln refractory bricks, Rotary monitoring cameras, and breaker construction. In following, the officials of the Iran Central iron Ore Company engaged in B2B (business to business) negotiations with knowledge-based companies.

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