Pardis Technology Park company’s success in production of transplanted bone tissue:

Tissues That Save Currency

Tissues That Save Currency

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The medical world, like many other sciences, experiences new developments every day that advance the treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries with better quality and faster than ever.

For example, 50 years ago when they wanted to treat injured tendons in the athletes’ legs or those who were injured in an accident, they had very limited and temporary solutions.

But today, with the help of knowledge-based companies that are active in this field, this important need in the field of medicine and treatment has been solved significantly.

One of the important characteristics of such productions is that the quality of the products, textures and technologies are equal to foreign samples that have a longer background.

Accordingly, Pardis Technology Park researchers have recently succeeded in converting allograft bone products from brain death and deceased donor tissue into transplantable tissue and this is a new success for Iran.

During the 20th annual meeting of Pardis Technology Park, a variety of products were unveiled in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

 Some of these products are related to the knowledge-based company that produces transplanted human tissue products, which are active in eight families and 300 types of products.


Elaborating on the uses of the company's products, Amirhossein Tavakoli, a member of the academic staff of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and CEO of the knowledge-based company, said that in cases such as fractures and tumors that are drained and the area remains empty in the bone space these products can be replaced.

These items are produced in European countries such as England, Spain and Germany, in Asian countries like China, Malaysia and South Korea, as well as the US and Canada, he added.

Naturally, since these products are domestically produced, they have a lower price compared to similar foreign ones, but the price reduction has increased to about 90% compared to some foreign samples.


According to the Health Ministry regulations, the tissues of Iranian citizens should be used for Iranian citizens themselves, and even though the neighboring countries have many requests to receive these products, they are not provided to them, but with the facilities that the government can provide, transferring the knowledge to other countries will be possible so that they can produce such products from brain death people in their own countries.


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