Pardis Technology Park’s cooperation with universities:

Welding in Iranian Style

Welding in Iranian Style

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 The knowledge-based companies in Pardis Technology Park, in cooperation with the country's universities, have produced various products that, in addition to saving foreign currency, have directly and indirectly created jobs in various fields.

Arad Material and Energy Technology Development Company is one of the knowledge-based companies, which has produced practical items in the country's industry in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology.

One of the products of this company's cooperation with the University of Science and Technology is the production of welding filler for austenitic steels, which, in addition to saving foreign exchange, has also created jobs in this field.

This project was supposed to be carried out 12 years ago by the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Defense in Iran, but unfortunately, it remained incomplete due to the JCPOA, CEO of Arad Material& Energy Technology Development Company said.

We produced various alloy ingots and were selected as the top design at the 20th Pardis Technology Park Summit, he added.

The best alloy that we can use for the production of these fillers is used in these ingots, and we also took advantage of this opportunity to continue making ingots, and put the production of fillers on the agenda, he stated.

We have sold this product to customers for about 1,300,000,000 tomans in Iran, and are signing a contract with Armenia to export this product as well, he said.

If we can complete our investment, we will save about $2.5 dollars, and we have planned to create 800 jobs in the near future, he added.


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