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An overview of the park:

Pardis Innovation District was established in 1380 with the focus on Pardis Technology Park, under auspices of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, with a multi-sectoral approach and with the following functions:

  • Creating a suitable business environment for knowledge-based and innovative companies aiming to preserve elites and attract non-resident Iranian specialists and foreign technologists.
  • Meeting the complicated technological needs and the cause of technology sources formation and facilitating the process of its attraction, promotion and dissemination
  • Managing the flow of knowledge and technology among universities, research and development institutes, private companies, and finally industry and market
  • Creating the technology ecosystem and improving business regulations in this field
  • Formation of professional activities in the field of marketing, ideation, scientific research, engineering design, prototyping, industrial design, standardization, development of technical knowledge, intellectual property registration, sales and consulting operations to materialize technological products in the field of industrial production, risky investment and other specialized services.

Studies on location of the park started on three proposed areas and according to climatic and geographical characteristics, phase 6 of the new city of Pardis, located in 20 km east of Tehran, was finally selected. The ground-breaking ceremony was held in phase 1 in 1380.

According to Pardis city comprehensive plan, about 800 hectares of lands have research and educational application and this city has been developed as Iran’s first specialized city with a scientific, cultural and technological mission.

One of the objectives in line with making Pardis mission-oriented is to create the necessary infrastructure to achieve the goals and upstream documents, such as the first scientific ranking in the region and providing a complete package for attracting and employing elites and specialists.

The principled agreement to establish Pardis Technology Park in 1382 was issued by the Higher Education Development Council of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, its statute was approved by this council in 1384 and the structure of the park was formed independently.

During 1384 and 1385, the first companies were established in the park, and it enjoyed the general budget for the acquisition of capital assets and expenses.

Upon the approval of the cabinet ministers in 1384 and in the form of a national document for developing Iran’s provinces, the plan to create and develop theoretical and applied research centers with national and transnational performance and technology parks in the province and transform Pardis Technology Park into a functional center of technology parks in Iran, Middles East and Central Asia was communicated.

The Statute of the Incubation Center was approved and communicated by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 1388. Elite Technology Development Center has also started its activities since 1389.

The vision and long-term goals of Pardis Technology Park were also approved in 1391.

The executive operation of preparing the knowledge Pardis (phase 2) with an area covering 18 hectares started in 1392. Meanwhile, Pardis Technology Park established the D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D8TTEN) and the Mustafa Prize (PBUH) as well.

In 1392, the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education also issued an agreement in principle to establish a health technology park as a center located in Pardis Technology Park and the first health technology park in Iran.

Its statute was approved by the council for the developing Medical Sciences Universities of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in 1393.

In 1393, the land acquisition for the Entrepreneurship Pardis (Phase 3) with an area covering 31 hectares was done and in 1392, the INOTEX International Technology and Innovation Exhibition was designed and launched and has been held annually.

The Innovation Acceleration Center was established to organize technology accelerators affairs and entrepreneurial events in Iran in 1393.

Azadi Innovation Factory and High-way Innovation Factory as branches of Pardis Technology Park were inaugurated in 1397.

A contract was signed to annex 20 new hectares (phase 4) to the park near the Entrepreneurship Pardis in 1399.

Meanwhile, MoU on strengthening the technology and innovation ecosystem of Tehran Province was signed between Tehran Governorate and Vice Presidency for Science and Technology aiming to take advantage of the maximum capacities and facilities to expand the hardware and software of Pardis Innovation District.

In the meantime, Digital Economy Technology Park was annexed to Pardis Technology Park in an area covering 30 hectares in 1399.

Pardis Innovation District, as the most important and the largest innovation district in Iran, has focused on commercializing the achievements of technologists and creating a suitable platform for technology growth and market development of knowledge-based companies.

Pardis Innovation District has played an effective role in developing science and technology in Pardis city and Tehran province, so that this area is the most significant center for developing startups and knowledge-based companies and commercialization of technology and innovations in Iran.

Pardis Technology Park has been established as a center for the developing advanced technology, to show brilliant manifestations of participation in the process of industrial surge in Iran.


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

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