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Advantages of being established in Pardis Technology Park:

In addition to the capacities and geographical characteristics of Pardis Technology Park such as:

- Proximity and convenient access to Tehran

- Good weather conditions in the vicinity of Pardis New Town and the possibility of using its urban services as well as neighboring cities to provid houses for employees

- Park’s quiet and beautiful environment with high security

- Proximity to Kamard and Khorramdasht industrial areas in order to meet the needs and to outsource production and industry

- Favorable investment conditions with reasonable land prices

- Providing Pardis Technology Park access to Tehran through subway in the near future

Members and residents of Pardis Technology Park can enjoy three categories of legal, welfare and business benefits based on the terms and conditions.


Infrastructure and welfare advantages

Providing the necessary infrastructure for companies with the appropriate standard, including: roads, water, electricity, gas, sewage, telephone and fiber optic networks

Possibility of using the infrastructure and opportunities of park’s welfare, cultural and sports services such as:

- Several transportation services

- Hotel

- Traditional and fast food restaurants

- Café

- Gym

- Laundry

- Playground

- Kindergarten

- Chain stores

- Clinics

- Mosque, banking services

- Various shopping centers

* Business benefits

Presence of prestigious domestic and international large companies together with dozens of teams and innovative companies in Pardis Technology Park

- Presence of New Technologies Development Fund, Pardis  Technology supporters fund, new exchange office, various accounting, tax and insurance consultants, various stockbrokers, export and legal consultants

- Arbitration center and dispute resolution council of knowledge-based companies,

- Taking advantage of the investment opportunities, capital attraction and technology transfer

- Possibility of using network of domestic and external partners of the park

- Using the advantages of the proximity of technology units to develop foreign market and to produce new technologies.

- The possibility of using specialized technology and business services in Pardis Technology Park

- Taking advantage of financial and spiritual support in the framework of PTP support regulations


Legal advantages

Following are the advantages of being established in Pardis Technology Park:

Annual tax performance exemption for 20 years from the date of establishment permit by Pardis Technology Park


- Tax exemption for the salaries of staff working in technology companies based in the park

- Exemption from any common taxes such as municipal ones

- Free transfer of currency from abroad to the park and vice versa through the banking network

- Lifting establishment restriction for knowledge-based companies within a radius of 120 km of Tehran

- Taking advantage of special technical concession for participation in tenders

- Possibility of renting contract contracts, military service facilities for companies’ staff

- Exemption from duties, customs duties and VAT on importing of equipment in the near future


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021



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