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 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


- What is technology park?


A technology park is a high quality physical and park-like environment in which private research units or those affiliated with organizations and industries are located and supported to do creative and innovative acts. They enjoy proximity to important sources of spiritual capital, appropriate infrastructure, and guiding policies, and pave the way for interaction, technology development, and economic growth.


- What is an incubator?

Incubators are centers for compensating the risk of creating start-ups. Start-up are companies that do not have high-risk financial resources and work experiences. Incubators have common governmental facilities, consultation services, training and support for entrepreneurial groups.

In other words, they try to provide material and spiritual support to start-ups working in the field of technology, so that these companies can commercialize their design, produce and develop technology, and enter the profit and employment cycle.


- What is the difference between parks and incubators?

Topic Technology Parks incubators
Type of Company Experienced Start-up
Physical body Land, 5 to thousands of hectares Building, 500 to thousands square meters
Type of Companies' Activity Engineering, research and development design Turning the initial idea into a primary product
Public Service Level On the urban scale: sports, services, etc On the building scale: meeting room, telephone room, etc.
Type of Specialized Services Technology transfer consultation, domestic and foreign investment, financing, export and import affairs, educational affairs, laboratory affairs, technical and engineering affairs, legal affairs, etc Company registration consultation, accounting, contract writing, etc
Type of Laboratories Specialized and mainly within companies General for all members
Duration the Company's Presence Permanent Temporary, maximum three to 5 years
Subsidy With less subsidy With higher subsidy
Location Suburb In cities, next to universities and in parks
Investment Town Building



- What is the legal and organizational structure of Pardis Technology Park?

- Organizational Founder:

 Presidential office/Vice Presidency for Science and Technology


- Structure of the park:

- Board of Trustees (chaired by the First Vice President, Vice President for Science and Technology as vice chairman and President of Pardis Technology Park as secretary and six legal groups, including the deputy Minister of Technology, Science, Research and Technology, Deputy Head of Presidential office for planning and strategic supervision, Minister of Oil, Head of Presidential Center for Progress and Development, Head of Organization for investment Economic and Technical Assistance Of Iran and Chancellor of Sharif University of Technology and 4 to 6 individuals).

- President of the park

- Park council


- What is the reason behind creating Pardis Technology Park?

  • Commercialization of innovations and research results and the materialization of industry-university relationship
  • Assisting the establishment and support of start-up research and engineering institutions and companies
  • Helping attract foreign investment and accelerate the process of technology transfer
  • Increasing the competitiveness and knowledge-based industries growth
  • Creating an environment for identifying and presenting the technological capabilities of the country (Techmart)



- What are the legal benefits and incentives for being established in Pardis Technology Park?

According to Article 9 of the Law on support of companies and knowledge-based institutions and commercialization of the innovations and inventions, technology units located in Pardis Technology Park can enjoy the following benefits of Article 13 of the law on managing free zones and other material and spiritual support:


  • Income tax exemption;
  • Exemption from paying the usual taxes;
  • Labor exclusion law;
  • Exemption from research and engineering contracts;
  • Issuing letters to increase the coefficient of technical concessions of participation in tenders
  • Facilitation and issuance of various letters of introduction;
  • Consulting services from specialized service brokers;
  • Presenting empowerment services to creative / innovative individuals and teams;
  • Advisory services with regard to tax exemptions;
  • Consulting services in the field of receiving exploitation / research and development / technical and engineering licenses;
  • Consulting services in the field of assessment and recognition of knowledge-based qualifications;
  • Taking advantage of the specialized military service;
  • Marketing in governmental bodies
  • Participating in the park stall at technology and innovation exhibitions;
  • Attracting investors;
  • Assigning the implementation of technological projects required by government industries;
  • Facilitating relations with the academic research and study institutes;
  • Taking advantage of common facilities and infrastructures and cost reduction;
  • Taking advantage of the connections with organizations;
  • Facilitating communication with professional and young academic staff and labor forces supply;
  • Taking advantage of the proximity of technology units;
  • Possibility of using seminars and workshops in the park;
  • Finding new credit in the form of attending Pardis Technology Park to develop the market;
  • Support for domestic and foreign patents;
  • Support for domestic and foreign trademark registration;
  • Supporting preparation of a justification;
  • Supporting the adoption of the national and international standards and approvals;
  • Introducing trainees to work in companies;
  • Supporting students' dissertations related to the specialized field of the established companies;
  • Supporting participation in technology tours;
  • Supporting participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions;
  • Attending training courses;
  • Foreign investment fees and international financial exchanges;



- What does the possibility of using the facilities of foreign exchange in the park mean?

According to the Article 9 of the law on protection of knowledge-based companies and institutions and commercialization of innovations and inventions, developing foreign currency transfer to parks and from Parks to abroad by technology units in parks through banking network is permitted by the Board of Trustees and the Central Bank is obliged to pave the way for the implementation of the provisions of the article.

Also, according to Article 14, technology units can, with the consent of the park management, import and export their goods and services within the framework of assigned missions and the Export and Import Law.


- In general, what customs services will be provided in the park?

Services such as supply, delivery and discharging goods as well as export-related matters will be provided through the establishment of a civil service broker.

- Does the park help with research projects for members?

Thanks to the fact that a number of companies have requested to attend the park as a research party to the contracts, regarding the contracts, according to and due to the nature of the contract, as well as its value, it is possible to consult and participate in the park.

The park signs low-volume research contracts through the New Technologies Development Fund (licensed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology).

- Will the park have a specialized or general laboratory and workshop?

Park does not have a specialized or general laboratory and workshop, but it has some  plans on its agenda.

Laboratory services in the park are currently provided by companies based in the fields of nanotechnology, chemistry and instrumentation.


- What services are provided to companies located in the Pardis Technology Park companies regarding domestic and foreign exhibitions?

Pardis Technology Park companies can take advantage the park sponsorships in the form of park sponsorship regulations to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions.

For more information, you can call the park's manager for communications and international management affairs.


- What are the infrastructures of Pardis Technology Park?

  • Underground installation tunnel through which all park facilities have passed
  • Electricity with the possibility of supply from two power sources (currently is only supplied by one source)
  • Water supply network
  • Independent telecommunication center connected to the nationwide fiber optic network
  • Ability to be connected to the Internet via ADSL and Wireless
  • Sewerage network
  • Natural gas network


- Who is responsible for supplying water, electricity, gas, etc.?

Pardis Technology Park is responsible for building the infrastructure, but it is the responsibility of the companies themselves to obtain it and pay the relevant fee. 

Pardis Technology electricity is supplied by the existing 63.20 kV mobile substation. By making the permanent substation operational, the total capacity of phases 1, 2 and 3 of the park will be supplied from this place.


- What are the facilities of park internet?

Infrastructure facilities of the park

Seraj Technology Center:

  • ADSL internet services
  • Dedicated internet bandwidth


Lands of the Park:

  •     ADSL Internet Services
  •     Wireless Internet Broadband Services


- What services are provided by Pardis Technology Park regarding foreign exchange transactions?

It will be possible through export brokers as well as exchange offices inside the park.


- What kind of support is provided for a company to be dispatched to foreign exhibitions?

Payment of up to 70% of the rent value, construction of stalls and transportation of exhibition goods up to 1 billion Rials per year in the form of facilities at a preferential rate.


- How would be receiving international standards, certificates and licenses?

Paying up to 70% of the related fees in the form of facilities at a preferential rate of up to 1 billion rials.


- Which accelerators can be approved by the Innovation Acceleration Center?

Accelerators should first have an independent and private legal personality that has the appropriate support and background in their background, and secondly, provide an appropriate and profitable acceleration plan.


- What are the most important advantages of Acceleration Center certification?

  • Turning accelerators into knowledge-based
  • Facilities and financial assistance of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology
  • Taking advantage of Pardis Technology Park and Innovation Acceleration Center network


- What is innovation factory?

Innovation factories are the new actors in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that have been established in the form of desolate factories, creating a new concept of synergy for innovation ecosystem activists.

Innovation factories are a context for start-ups, whose services are provided by accelerators and innovation centers, and innovation is supposed to be active in the factory environment and offer new solutions to existing problems.


- What is the difference between parks and innovation factories?

Innovation factories as the first link in the chain of sustainable entrepreneurship are a good place to start innovative and technological businesses that are generally formed within cities and in the vicinity of academic places (universities and research institutes).

Parks, on the other hand, are the most important element at the end of the sustainable entrepreneurship chain and are the best place to develop mature, innovative and technological businesses.


Membership generalities:

- What companies can participate in the park?

Production units with Hi-tech products (custom products) that have high added value, little need for land, do not have mass production and their production is based on specialized manpower.

  • Industrial Research and Development (R&D) Units
  • Research and training centers
  • Specialized and public service centers: laboratories, commercial and legal services offices, consultation and brokerage offices, welfare services, etc.

It is worth mentioning that any environmental pollution over urban standards in the park is prohibited.


- What is the criterion of Hi-tech activity in park's view?

Some of the criteria and standards of these industries are as follows:

  • Employ highly educated people and personnel and it is mainly consisted of specialists and engineers.
  • The rate of technology change in products is higher than other industries.
  • Adequate and specific budget is spent on research and development in the company and the ratio of research costs to total costs is higher than similar industries.
  • The added value is far higher than other similar industries.
  • Can use technology for its rapid growth.
  • Its competitive advantage is innovation in technology products or services.
  • The technology life cycle is long in the early stages and short after the growth stage.
  • Operations and processes are environmentally friendly and free of pollution (soil, water, air and sound).
  • Enjoy new products or upgrade old products in a certain period of time.


- What part of the companies' activities can be transferred to the park?

Companies can move their R&D, design, engineering and training units to the park.

This issue will cause the presence of expert forces of each company in the park. Also, the production department of companies can be established in the park, provided that it includes limited and customized productions and mass and labor-oriented and mass production and non-uniform productions. It should be noted that each case is identified by the park and at the appropriate time, the necessary permits will be obtained from the companies.


- Can foreign companies join Pardis Technology Park?

According to Chapter 3 of the Article 9 of the Law on Protection of Knowledge-Based Companies and Institutions and Commercialization of Innovations and Inventions, companies' membership is unrestricted even with 100% foreign shares according to the Law on Foreign Investment Protection.


- What are the establishment types in Pardis Technology Park?

1. Start-up

Characteristics of this type of companies: lack of financial resources and high-risk work experience


Elite Technology Development Center

Azadi Innovation Factory

Highway Innovation Factory


2. Small and medium-sized enterprises

Characteristics of these companies: No need for an independent building and no financial resources for the construction of an independent building

Location: Rented building in Pardis Technology Park


3. Small and medium-sized enterprises (Type 2)

Characteristics of these companies: Enjoying good work experience and financial capacity and having numerous staff (more than 15 people)

Location: Buying the land and building the company in Pardis Technology Park


- Should only one of the above models be selected for being established?

No; It is also possible to use two models, meaning that the company may be located in the rental sector and at the same time sector constructing and equipping its building in the land.

- In what field are the member and applicant companies active?

Members are currently classified into 9 categories as follows:

  •  Information & Communication Technology (I.C.T)
  • Tele Communication
  • Mechanics & Automation
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  •  Medical Equipment
  • Chemistry
  • Electronic & Software
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

There is no activity limit for companies applying for membership, but the activities should be Hi-tech (see question 16).

Also, new areas of technology that have not yet become members of the park should be given priority in the same.


- How to apply for membership in the park?

The technology units applying for membership in Pardis Technology Park are required to register in the membership application system and to send the documents.


- Is registration in the membership application system for what kind of membership in the park?

For technology units' membership in the land and rented parts of the park.


- What is the procedure for applying for membership?

  1. Check the relevant documents and complete possible shortcomings
  2. Holding an interview session in Pardis Technology Park in the presence of the CEO
  3. Holding a visit to the company and projects in the presence of the CEO and the technical and specialized personnel
  4. Preparing the final report
  5. Presenting the final report in the park and reviewing the issue
  6. Informing the company of the results


Membership in park land:

 - How is the process of ceding the land? (Rent, sale, etc.)

Cession of land is based on a conditional contract, so that the land is sold to the company and the company is obliged to build, operate and establish on the premises. In case of construction and operation, an official document for the company will be issued conditionally. In case of exploiting the plan and transferring the official document, the issue of no change of use and no transfer to others will be considered as conditions in the contract. In case of non-compliance with the obligations during the mentioned period, the contract will be cancelled unilaterally. Also, companies are not allowed to transfer and sell land in the park and can only return the purchased land to the park.


- Will the land document be given to the companies after signing the land transfer contract?

In phase one, after receiving the final construction document work and establishment, the conditional document is delivered to the companies and this condition is fixed and will be considered in any transfer of ownership or benefits.


- How big is the transferable land?

The land has a minimum area of 500 square meters and a maximum area of 2,000 square meters.


- Are there any financial facilities for companies to buy land?

No, it will be entirely up to the applicant to provide the financial resources and credits.


- What is the procedure for reviewing and approving the architectural plans and structures of the companies, and should companies pay in this regard?

The Park architecture committee is a body that is responsible for reviewing architectural consultants, architectural plans and structures of companies and their final approval. This committee reviews and announces the shortcomings of the submitted plans and provides consultations in this regard. Pardis Technology Park is responsible for paying for the committee's expenses and companies will not be charged; However, in case of termination of the contract, the company will be required to pay all the costs of the architectural committee.


- What is the architecture committee and the need to hold its meetings?

The architecture committee is composed of qualified architects (in accordance with the relevant regulations) whose meetings are held regularly inside the park and responsible for supervising and guiding the architects to design the buildings of the technology companies in the park within the approved framework aiming to achieve innovative designs, which are in line with the latest achievements in the world and meet companies' needs.


- How are architectural consultants chosen, introduced and approved?

After signing the contract, the companies are obliged to introduce their proposed architectural consultant to the park within one month. The park will then approve the consultant's qualifications through the architecture committee and will inform the company. The company is not allowed to choose a consultant who is building another construction in the park. If the work of the said consultant is approved, the company is allowed to choose him.


- Who is phase 3 consultant?

In order to monitor the operation's process and also to observe park's regulations by contractors in the construction phase and considering the need to build the constructions according to the plans approved by the architecture committee and to respond to the executive problems, companies need one person. Use a certified architect (preferably a Phase 1 and 2 project consultant) who is called Phase 3 project consultant.


- How is the contractor selected?

The company is responsible for selecting the contractor. Companies should first introduce the contractor and receive approval from the park and then send a copy of the contract to the park to issue a permit to start construction operations.


- Do municipal regulations affect construction of the park?

Any construction inside the park is subject to the internal regulations of the park and companies are required to receive permit from Pradis New Town municipality and observe the regulations.


- Where and how will companies receive their construction permits?

Companies will be introduced to the municipality of Pardis New Town by the park in order to receive permit, and the company representative will refer to the municipality along with the approved plans and other required documents and will follow the steps to get the license. It should be noted that companies are exempt from paying fees for receiving permit.


- Will companies be allowed to build sheds and carry out production activities in the park?

The companies located in the park have buildings with beautiful and worthy architecture with advanced technology and have an innovative infrastructure and appearance. Construction of sheds and similar buildings in the park is not allowed. Companies cannot do purely manufacturing activities in their buildings. If the company's production is large, it should be limited to sample production and non-mass production.


- What will happen to the land or property of the companies whose contract with the park is terminated or transferred?

At the time of termination or transfer, the land transferred to the company will be transferred to the park by returning the same expenses. If the companies have added any part in their land, these costs will be paid to the company by the official expert and after receiving a replacement.


Membership in rented area:

- What are the characteristics of the park's rented building (Siraj Technology Center)?

In order to establish companies that have little financial capacity and cannot be located in the park lands, a building with a limited number of offices in an area covering 50 to 120 square meters is considered for renting and will be provided to applicants.

The renting contracts last for one year and can be extended up to 3 years, if the tenant submits a performance report and is approved by the park headquarter.


- What kind of facilities does Seraj Technology Center have?

Each unit has a restroom and a pantry with full equipment including water, gas, electricity, and the internet services. It would be possible to install partitions inside the place and also there is a meeting room and a buffet.


 - Should Siraj Technology Center members pay for anything other than rent fee?

In order to cover some of the expenses, there is a fix monthly payment that the tenant has to pay. Of course there are extra fee for other services (including meeting room, the internet, debit card, etc…)


- Are there any other rented construction other than the Seraj Technology Center?

Members can rent some part of their building to other members. This is possible under Pardis Technology Park's supervision and in the framework of regulations.



Does Pardis Technology Park provide facilities for receiving services?

Pardis Technology Park provides facilities for receiving services based on its support regulations and through the specialized technology service center.

Based on the statute, only Pardis Technology Park's members will benefit from these facilities which vary depending on the location of the company in the park.

Does the technology services center charge for consultation and services?

The technology services center does not charge for initial consultation, determining the necessary services, and contacting the relevant broker; but service providers receive related costs based on the type of project being defined and specific tariffs.

Where should we refer to for legal patents?

The Industrial Property Office of the Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran is responsible for patents (www.sabt.gov.ir).

Do we have to apply for patents through a specialized technology service center?

There are offices and institutions in Iran that, as the client of the patent owner, take the necessary strides to register patents inside or outside the country. There is a legal services broker in the technology service center, through which applicants can contact the relevant broker and define their patent project with them.

Can the park facilities be used for seminars, conferences and training courses?

All companies (members and non-members of Pardis Technology Park) can use the facilities provided by park to hold their programs and by paying the relevant fees and based on the available tariffs. Members of the park enjoy special discounts.


Cooperation and partnership:

 - How is the process of receiving finance and investment in Pardis Technology Park?

After holding meeting with the applicants and receiving the relevant information, the financial and legal participation are determined based on the type and ranking of the knowledge-based activity. . More details can be obtained from the financing and investment unit.


 - What are the different types of financing in Pardis Technology Park?

The main mission of Pardis Technology Park is to support knowledge-based activities in a more integrated set so that it can help commercialize these activities by developing the knowledge-based economy.


- What are the investment opportunities in Pardis Technology Park?

In general, these opportunities can be divided into three categories:

1) Investment on land and buildings in PTP

2) Investment in Pardis Technology Park companies' knowledge-based projects

3) Investment in buildings and infrastructures of the next phases


- Are there any differences between investment in Pardis Technology Park and investment in the Industrial towns and special zone areas?

The main difference is that investment in Pardis Technology Park cannot cover production and it can only cover the research and development (R&D) section of the members benefiting from the existing advantages.


- What is Venture Capital (VC)?

One helpful way for supporting entrepreneurs and innovators is through participation in commercialization stage which protects their intellectual property for their plan and also shares in their success or failure.

Accordingly, while it can help solve the problems regarding bank loans, it can reduce other problems related to financing, thus the VC can submit its share through a mechanism to the innovator.


- What are the investment regulations?

The regulations are the same as for special economic zones. By investing in the land and construction of the building, in fact, the company will have the goodwill, but the lands will remain in the park belonging to that company, if they continue their activities.




Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021

E-mail: info@techpark.ir

website: www.techpark.ir

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