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Pardis Technology Park and Pardis Health Technology Park has specific real and legal members as follows.


Legal Members

Mahdi Safarinia

President of PTP
and Secretary of Board of Trustees

DrRouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi

I. R. Iran President Deputy for S&T
and vice chairman of the Board

Dr. Mohammad Mokhber

I. R. Iran President First Deputy
and chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Javad Oji

Minister of
Petroleum of I. R. Iran

Dr. Davoud Manzour

President of
Plan and Budget Organization
of I. R. Iran

Dr. Abbas Ali Abadi

Minister of
Industry, Mining, and Trade

Dr. Sajjad Mohammad Ali Nejad

Deputy of Innovation and Technology
,Ministry of Science

Dr. Bahram Einollahi

​​ Minister of Health and Medical Education

Dr. Sayyed Abbas Mousavi

President of
Sharif University of Technology

Dr. Ahad Zadeh

 Ali Reza Fakhkhari

Dr. Ali Fekri

President of Center for Progress and Development of I.R. Iran Presidency (CPDI)

Tehran Governer Deputy Minister and Head of Organization for
Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of I. R. Iran


Natural Members

Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Saheb Kar


Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Safari

Dr.  Alireza Peyman PAk   Dr. Majid Ghasemi



President : Mahdi Saffari Nia

D.O.B : 1973


• BSc. Materials Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

• MA.  International Law, Islamic Azad University


Executive Records: 

He has a key role in establishment of Pardis Technology Park (PTP) and now he is the president and the secretary of board of trustees of the park.

1.       Secretary of the board of trustees and chairman of the pardis technology park since 2001

2.      Establishment of the National Techmart of Iran (2002)

3.      Member of the committee for drafting regulations and statutes of parks and science and technology development centers - ministry of science, research and technology (2003)

4.      Member of the committee for drafting the executive regulations of article 47 of the fourth development plan law (2004-2005)

5.      Member of the board of directors of Iran entrepreneurship and technology company (2004 - 2013)

6.      Member of the board of directors of pars electric factories company - public joint stock company (2006-2008)

7.      Government representative on the board of directors of the New Technologies Development Fund

8.      Member of the council of  high-technology incubator of Sharif University of Technology

9.      Co-founder and board of trustee member of the Iranian NGO for Supporting Science and Technology Development

10.  Developer Mustafa Prize and co-founder and member of board of trustee at the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation – Mustafa Prize (PBUH)

11.  Secretary of D-8 (Eight Islamic Developing Countries) Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D8TTEN) (2013-2020)

12.  Member of the board of trustees of Sharif University of Technology alumni association (2017-2021)

13.  Member of the research and technology commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (2018-2021)

14.  Member of the scientific council of the Elite Foundation of Tehran province (2016-2019)

15.  Establishment of Innovation Acceleration Center (2014)

16.  Establishment of Iran Technology and Innovation Network (TINET) (2017)

17.  Establishment of International Exhibition of Technology and Innovation - INOTEX (2011)

18.  Member of the dispute resolution council for knowledge-based companies and elites (since 2014)


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021



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