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Pradis Technology Park branches

:Introduction of plans by branches

Pardis Technology Park has always created numerous programs to support businesses in the commercialization chain. Accordingly, efforts have been made to support innovative teams and ideas that form the beginning of the commercialization chain, and bring together innovative teams to provide everything that these teams need in the commercialization process.

The plan to develop Pardis Technology Park branches called innovation factories has been created with a focus on innovative teams and startups aiming to fill the gap, accelerate and develop innovative start-up businesses.


Azadi Innovation Factory is the first branch of Pardis Technology Park, which has been established under the Vice Presidency for Science, Science and Technology support and with the participation of the government and the private sectors near of Azadi Square in Tehran.

Azadi and Highway innovation factories are active focusing on start-ups.

With an area of covering 18,500 square meters, the factory is an derelict factory called "Ama Electrode Manufacturing", which during the reconstruction process, has become the first innovation factory in Iran and the first branch of Pardis Technology Park.

Some nine accelerators and specialized innovation centers in various fields are located in this factory and supports teams and idea owners in various areas including information technology, e-health, content production, insurance and financial innovations.

The reconstruction operation of the factory has been finalized and it has been officially inaugurated in the presence of the President.

Based on the planning and also the programs presented by the accelerators located in the factory, the capacity for the presence of over 2,500 people in the factory will be provided.

Now, half of the factory's capacity has been allocated for population of over 1,200 people and over 150 startups are active in Azadi Innovation Factory, and during the first year of its official activity, the factory has provided more than 30 products and services for the society.

The investment made by the accelerators located in the factory for the reconstruction and equipping purposes, is estimated 150 billion Tomans.


Appropriate working space, professional business services and specialized training, reliable technical infrastructure, experienced instructors consultation, communication with investors and business angels, providing the required cash capital and maintaining synergy and learning after the acceleration period in a specific geographical location and networking opportunities are among the main functions of the Azadi Innovation Factory.

There are also restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, etc., among other services that can be used by startups.

Having access to public transport network (metro and bus), passenger terminal and airport is also one of the advantages of the factory.

After passing the registration process in the factory, startup teams will enjoy the relevant support.




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The Highway Innovation Factory is the second of its kind in Iran and is also the second branch of the Pardis Technology Park. The building of the factory belongs to the vice presidency for science and technology and have the capacity for 500 members.

It homes to startups, VCs, VC funds, accelerators, business angels, banks, mentors, freelancers and counseling companies.

Based on programs, there is a great opportunity for the presence of idea owners and startup teams in the factory and for presence of investors and business angels, consulting companies, trainers, mentors and freelancers.

Expenses for the innovation factory preparation have mainly been covered by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, and a beautiful and suitable environment has been provided for entrepreneurship.

A population of over 300 people are taking advantage of the facilities and services provided in Highway Innovation Factory.

Creating synergy, benefiting from experienced mentors, connecting to investors, funds and VCs are some of the supports provided by the factory. The Highway Innovation Factory has café, restaurant, meeting rooms. The 5000 m 2 meter factory is located near Nobonyad square in northeastern Tehran.


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Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

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