Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

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- Regulations and Conditions for membership at PTP

- Establishment procedure:

By informing PTP management about membership request, a primary visit is made from the company by the evaluation experts and after this phase and confirmation of the experts, another visit is made by the directors of PTP. In case the units wish to hold an inauguration ceremony, they can perform their event at the Conference hall of PTP headquarters.


- Legal advantages for establishment at PTP

  • Tax exemption for annual functioning
  • Tax exemption for contracts
  • Tax exemption over personnel’s salaries who are working at PTP
  • Exemption for all types of duties as conventional
  • Financial exchange with foreign countries
  • Labor Codes


- How to benefit from tax exemption

Use of tax exemption is merely for technology development companies located at PTP. By location, it should encompass the following features:

1) To accomplishment of all parts of building by the company (meaning to have completed the façade of the building, the surrounding area and the floors of the building); except those rental units or those who have taken office possession and those who are in incubator

2) To appoint and settlement of research personnel at the company in the building (one person for every 30sqm of the plan and at least three persons in the rented buildings) initiating their work for the main objective of technology development company, the rented buildings are excluded

3) To change the registered company address to PTP’s address

4) Change of branch for tax and insurance of the company to the offices in the region (Bumehen Tax office and Rudehen insurance company) with relevant documents

5) Signing contract with the personnel as determined by PTP (details of the contract are defined). After signing of the contract with the personnel, a stamped copy by the company should be handed to the supervising expert in the management of technological companies’ affairs department of PTP.

Other details of legal advantages and relevant procedures are defined in the general rules and regulations of PTP.


- Issuance and extension of technology permits

  • Following afford-mentioned stages and fully establishment in PTP, technology permission will be issued according to the company’s field of activity. It is worth noting, this permission is a prerequisite to make use of all the legal advantages of PTP.
  • Moreover, the maximum of expiration date of this permission is one year and it will be extended each October in case of performance approval of the company. It is an obligation to fill out the annual performance evaluation forms and submit it.


- How to utilize public and professional services in PTP

  • Detailed information of providers of public and professional services, in addition to their location and contacts, are collected in a catalogue and is updated each season.



- Conditions for membership

  • The following entities/individuals can become members of PTP:
  • Knowledge-based companies which produce knowledge-based products or those which offer technical engineering services
  • R&D units of industrial sectors
  • Centers that offer commercialization services including:special technology and management services,research and training services,lab and workshop services



- Main Criteria for membership at PTP includes

  • To have high scientific and technical manpower of the company based on the type of membership
  • To have technical, research and engineering background
  • To have an organizational chart based on the type of membership
  • To have required financial and investment capability based on the type of membership
  • To have laboratory equipment needed for engineering activities based on the type of membership
  • To offer products or services with high added value
  • To be environment friendly.


- Note:

  • No pollutant of any type is permitted to enter PTP and all companies who wish to be members of PTP are committed to avoid entry of any type of pollutant.
  • Any form of production at macro scale level is also forbidden and any form of production should be at sample scale level only


-- Some features for human resources

Number of human resources, area of activity, type of cooperation and type of employment, past research activities of the human resources, specialty and type of activity of the advisors to the company, number of active manpower in the R&D areas as compared to the total number of staff, etc


-- Some features for technical abilities are:

Foreign and domestic patents, innovation certificates, foreign and domestic festivals, awards won in the area of research and technology, production process, identify and evaluate modern and relevant technologies, number of technology developments through R&D, number of technology transfer and know how, type and quality of research contracts, having official research certificates, conduct joint research with academia and research centers, MoUs and results of agreements, etc


-- Some features for financing are:

Financial report, transparency, type and method of interaction with banks and financial institutes, collaboration with foreign investors or financed by foreign resources, turn over, volume and type of contracts, income generating activities, amount of registered investment, proportion of profit to investment, amount of investment in the building, materials, equipment, etc


-- Membership procedure

  • In several stages PTP sends call out to institutes and knowledge- based companies through science, technology centers.
  • There are five stages for membership
  • 1)Completemembership application form
  • Applicants should receive and complete the form through the following link and send it to PTP website together with the relevant documents.
  • 2) An interview will be held at PTP location .This is to get more acquainted with the work and applicant
  • 3) Visiting the location of the applicant company
  • After interview and mutual agreement, a visit is paid to the location of applicant company together with PTP’s advisor
  • 4) Examine membership application
  • At this stage the documents are examined together with exchange report by the committee members of PTP and the acceptance or decline in the application is then decided by the committee.
  • 5) Park’s declaration
  • After passing the said stages, the final result is declared by the examining committee in a formal letter.

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