Professional Technology Services

Professional Technology Services

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With the understanding of the needs of the member companies, specialized business services are provided by specialized service brokers (often private companies) for them in the Pardis Technology Park (PTP) .

Some of these kind of services are as follows:


1.1. Signing research and technology contracts with governmental bodies

These contracts are signed between Pardis Technology Park (as a research institute) with governmental bodies aiming to indigenize and commercialize the necessary technologies, and will be accomplished by member companies.

Accordingly, contracts and MoUs have been signed with various governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, National Iranian Oil Company, National Iranian Gas Company, Iran's National Elites Foundation and Nanotechnology Development committee.


1.2. Introducing knowledge-based projects to executive bodies to take advantage of the 0.5% research budget law;


Normally, according to Iran’s annual budget law, executive bodies are required to spend part of their operating income (0.5%-3%) on research and meeting their research and technology needs, through which Pardis Technology Park has he provided research and production projects for its members.


1.3. Holding “Road Shows” events to introduce Pardis Technology Park’s companies’ products:

Park member companies can introduce their new products during an event attended by media people and potential buyers. This event helps the company's advertising process for a new product to be accomplished faster and with better quality.


1.4. Presence Pardis Technology Park’s products in Tehran market,

Member companies can showcase and sell their product or products at the park's technology products sales base in Tehran. Facilitating the potential customers’ visit, the possibility of holding meetings with customers and using the conference hall are examples of the advantages of participating in this base.


1.5. Using Pardis Technology Park’s trade mark:

If companies have the necessary indicators, they can receive the park’s trade mark and use it on their products. Using product warranty is one of the services that companies can receive in the park if they are qualified and had received a trademark.


2.1. Legal consultation services in the field of intellectual property management and technology transfer rights

2.2. Setting up licensing agreements for companies and organizations with patents

2.3. Monitoring technology using patent analysis tools in the field of specific technologies

2.4. Holding general and specialized courses on intellectual property, searching invention and patent analysis

2.5. Patents and trademarks at home and abroad


Evaluation and implementation of clinical studies for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and companies applying for registration of imported drugs.

4.1. Preparing explanatory report (FS)

4.2. Preparing business plan

4.3. Technology Valuation for companies and startups


Pardis Technology Park companies have specialized laboratories in various fields, including 14 laboratories in the fields of mineral processing and minerals, chemical analysis, nano-electronics, biotechnology, instrumentation, medical engineering, and calibration, recombinant, stem cells and metallurgy.

In order to provide continuous update and the possibility of using laboratory and workshop services available in the park online, an integrated platform has been created at where Pardis Technology Park members can register their laboratory equipment and services so that they can be easily and quickly available to other companies, researchers and technologists.


6.1. Meeting educational needs of the member companies

6.2. Appointing professors and defining relevant topics

6.3. Planning and holding general and specialized training courses for knowledge-based companies



7.1. Implementing industrial projects from design to final construction

7.2. Machining with advanced CNC machines

7.3. Making forging molds and conducting forging operations

7.4. Heat treatment in heat treatment furnace atmospheres

7.5. Cooperation and consultation regarding the acquisition of technical knowledge and compilation of all documents required in the production of new parts

7.6. Designing and manufacturing laboratory testers

7.7. Designing and manufacturing of jigs, fixtures and control gauges


8.1. Specialized training in the field of management and international standards

8.2. Presenting a method to establish management and international standards

8.3. Presenting third party auditing services and issuing international standard certificates


Analysis, planning and strategic management for knowledge-based companies and start-ups.



1. Financing and credit services

1.1. Knowledge-based products leasing to develop companies' sales

1.2. Issuing guarantees for knowledge-based companies to be presented to employers (New Technologies Development Fund)

1.3. Guaranteed purchase of technology (pre-purchase) to create net working capital (NWC) for designing and manufacturing knowledge-based products (New Technologies Development Fund)

1.4. Interest-free loan to provide special support of national and special projects

1.5. Installment sales aiming to create working capital and supplying raw materials and goods required by knowledge-based companies (New Technologies Development Fund)

1.6. Guaranteeing products in cooperation with insurance companies through guaranteeing the quality and technology of the product and compensating for possible damages caused by its performance

1.7. Guaranteeing repayment of the facilities provided by the financial institutions and executive bodies to guarantee project obligations and reimbursement of facilities received by knowledge-based companies (New Technologies Development Fund)

1.8. Taking advantage of governmental agencies' financial support resources and various institutions supporting science and technology in Iran, including the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, financial resources of the banking system, resources provided in the annual budget, loan committee of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran, Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council, etc.


2. Accounting and auditing services

2.1. Providing auditing services including performance audit, special auditing, internal auditing and tax auditing

2.2. Presenting legal inspection services, supervising companies' settlement, preparing explanatory reports on capital growth

2.3. Presenting consultations services for design management and implementation of financial and industrial systems

2.4. Presenting services which are acceptable to the courts and judicial authorities within the framework of the duties of certified public accountants.

2.5. Preparing companies to enter stock market and presenting the related services

2.6. Consultations in the field of managing companies' affairs


3. Investment services

3.1. Attracting capital from business angels, companies and mutual funds, venture capitalists (VCs) or crowd funding institutions in research and technology projects of member companies or investing in companies

3.2. Introducing an investors' network for civil participation in technology projects

3.3. Offering companies' shares in the capital market (stock exchange) through Iran Fara Bourse Company

3.4. Using capital market tools to supply the necessary financial resources



4. Insurance and tax services

Providing accounting, taxation and insurance consultations for the managers of knowledge-based companies and start-ups




Pardis Park Technology trade development center, in line with supporting the international market development for exporting companies, based on geographical export destinations or specialized technology through its powerful export brokers provides the following services:

  • Necessary licensing services such as standards and customs licenses
  • Guarantee and insurance services
  • Money exchange services with other export destinations
  • Services providing financial facilities in line with exporting products and services
  • Market research services
  • Marketing and sales services
  • Logistics services (export transportation and warehousing in destinations)
  • Legal and contractual services
  • Show room services in export destinations (show room)
  • Services in the field of companies' registration and branches in destinations
  • Assistance and granting facilities to attend foreign exhibitions
  • Trade delegations' admission
  • Providing grants to attract foreign trade forces
  • Preparing a comprehensive catalog for Pardis Technology Park's export companies
  • Holding specialized training courses in the field of technology export

The specialized brokers now provide services in the following fields of technology:

Medical equipment Drug

 The regional brokers also provide services based on the following geographical areas:

Russia China India Afghanistan Iraq Syria Eurasia Qatar Oman Kenya

2.1. Identifying reliable sources for supplying goods in foreign markets

2.2. Signing an international procurement contract and coordination with third parties

2.3. Having necessary coordination for issues related to transportation and inspection of goods

2.4. Releasing goods from Iranian customs and the employer's representative in interaction with the Iran customs Administration

2.5. Providing 'Door to Door' services (' shipping to delivery) for imports and exports items

2.6. Following up employer's rights in case of damage to the goods during transportation or those covered by insurance






Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

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