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By creating various infrastructures and welfare facilities, over the years it has been tried to meet all the needs of experts that working in companies in a sustainable way and that means they don’t need to leave the park to meet their needs.


P.T.P. Infrastructures


In line with providing all requirements for companies to perform their activities and also to create a dynamic city, Pardis Technology Park has created the necessary infrastructure as follows:

Installation tunnel:

Installation tunnel with 3,000 meters length, as the first building constructed in Pardis Technology Park is one of the most special installation tunnels in terms of underground passage of all installation networks such as: water, electricity, telephone, gas, internet and sewage in the country.

Thanks to its size and variety of installation in the infrastructure of Pardis Technology Park, as well as using modern scientific methods in the field of automatic control of installation networks, reducing energy costs and technical protection, intelligent building management system is the first tunnel of joint facilities in Iran.

Installation tunnel or in other words, energy tunnel is equipped with systems and sensors for leak detection, monitoring and corrosion protection, which protects it in case of gas leaks, fires, earthquakes, etc.



Urban Water Distribution Network:

Urban Water Distribution Network consists of 2 lines of 750 meters of main pipe and about 2,300 meters secondary piping.

The branch will be put into operation after purchasing a subscription from Water and Sewerage Company.


- Green space irrigation network:

This network is responsible for supplying water to public green spaces and water ponds in Pardis Technology Park.


Water wells:

Pardis Technology Park enjoys 2 water wells with adequate discharge capacity which have been launched in phase 1 of the innovation district and phase 2 of knowledge.

These wells are used to supply the water required for public green spaces, to support the urban water network in case of shortage, as well as construction affairs.


Sewerage network:

Pardis Technology Park sewage network is a combination of two networks, one is the internal municipal sewage network and the other is the transmission line network.

The municipal sewerage network consists of 750 meters main piping as well as about 2,300 meters secondary sewer line. This network paves the way for collecting and transferring wastewater of the companies in the first phase.

Pardis Technology Park sewage network directs the collected effluents of the city network out of the park.

These networks are made of PVC pipes and in bush pipe fitting form.



Pardis Technology Park Telecommunication Center has been equipped and launched since 1386 aiming to provide 10,000 telephone lines.

All telecommunication services in the field of copper wire and fiber optic cable can be ceded based on regulations.

Meanwhile, companies located in the park can be linked together through fiber optics if requested and based on regulations.


To supply Pardis Technology Park electricity, a contract was signed with the Northeast Tehran Electricity Distribution Company in 1383 during which the company vowed to provide 6.14 MW electricity, which has the capacity of producing up to 8 MW through the construction of a 20 kV network.

Since the beginning of the construction operations in the second phase and also developing companies located in phase one of Pardis Technology Park, it was necessary for more electricity capacity, in this regard, Pardis Technology Park and the Tehran Regional Electricity Company (TREC) negotiated and eventually signed a memorandum of understanding.

Based on the contract, the plan for increasing electricity capacity of Pardis Technology Park started.

The first project was related to developing feeder in 63/230/400 post in Pardis New Town.

The second project was related to 4-km transmission line which should pass through the city to enter Pardis Technology Park.

The third step was also related to construction of 63/20 KW post in Pardis Technology Park.

Due to financial limitations, it made Pardis Technology Park to use a portable substation and then put on the agenda financing and construction of the main substation.

Fortunately, all three projects have now been put into operation with an intensive schedule, and the companies' electricity needs have been met up to 20 MW.

Following the third phase of the contract, in 1398, the construction of a permanent 63/20 post with AIS technology on a land with an area covering 3000 square meters and a capacity of 2 transformers of 40 MVA with an initial estimate of 400 billion rials was tendered in the form of an EPC contract and the contractor was selected as well.

However, due to the significant capacity of the transmission line, it will be possible to increase the capacity for the substation again.

It will also be possible to fulfil the electricity requirements of the fourth phase of Pardis Technology Park in the next decade by adding a 40 MV transformer.

In other words, the permanent substation is designed in a way that if necessary, its capacity increase from 80 MV to 120 MV.

Financing the projects is an important issue. This project is the first 63/20 substation project that will be established in the form of public and private partnership.

If we do not face any problems in the financing process, we expect this project to be finalized by the end of 1399 based on the schedule.


Natural gas:

Pardis Technology Park natural gas is supplied through 250 pound line. This line passes through Tehran-Bumehen road and enters the park through 10000, 250-60 station.

Observing National Iranian Gas Company rules, a 4,250 meters long network has been implemented for gas distribution inside Pardis Technology Park.

The network consists of two lines, east and west, which, through the energy tunnel, or in other words, the installations tunnel, of 2, 4 and 6 inch sizes, leads 60 pounds of gas to the gas regulator.

The network shut-off valves have been implemented in the gas piping network inside Pardis Technology Park’s installation tunnel for safety so that there are only welded connections in the pipeline inside the tunnel.

All welding in the project have been completely radiographed and approved. All stages of design and implementation of this network have been done under the supervision of the consulting company supervisors and Tehran Gas Company.

In order to safeguard the network inside the installation tunnel, a gas leak safety system has been implemented in this tunnel.

This equipment cuts the gas in case of accidents in the tunnel, including gas leaks, fires and earthquakes. The network has also 72 sections of rust protection system to ensure the safety of buried pipeline.

 Postal code:

The 5-digit postal code previously used in addressing postal items did not completely meet the need to write an address. On the other hand, each of the organizations and companies had their own license plates, which caused confusion in identification.

Therefore, the plan to use the ten-digit postal code, after collecting information for a five-year period (from 1370 to 1375) and in 1376, was approved by the government and parliament.

Thus, by adding five more digits to the previous postal code, a unique code was identified for each place, whether residential, commercial or an office.

The ten-digit postal code clearly identifies the desired geographical location, so that the first five digits indicate the geographical area, the sixth digit indicates the building in the geographical area, and the last four digits indicate the identification number of the desired location in the building.

The new postal code for each of the companies located in Pardis Technology Park will be published as mentioned in the attachment.

It is necessary for PTP companies to receive a postal code certificate as soon as possible based on the following instructions.

- Method of receiving postal code:

- Visiting website

- Selecting the postal certificate section

- Selecting postal code issuance certificate

- Entering postal code and mobile no.

- Referring to the bank section and pay 17,440 Rials

- Receiving the postal code










Time of Activity

Phone Num.


Selling grocery Refah Chain Stores Co. 8:00-18:30 (9821)76251281 General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Medical services  Medical Clinic 8:00-16:30 (9821)76250250-4115 Eastern side of General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Vision Institute Transportation Service 8:00-18:30 (9821)76250743  First Floor, General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Golha Taxi Service  Taxi Service 7:00-19:00 (9821)76250611  First Floor, General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Streeted café Coffee Shop and Fast Food -------- -------- In Process of Biding
 Hotel’s Restaurant  Catering 11:00-16:00 (9821)76250086   Ground Floor,General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
 Dana Insurance Company  Insurance 8:00-17:00 (9821)76251054-76250740  First Floor, General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Barbershop  Barbershop 9:00-16:00 (9821)76250079  First Floor, General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Sima Sabz Bahar company Green Space Service 8:00-16:30 (98)9126484782  9th Noavari Street, Noavari Street
Bank Affairs  Resalat Bank 8:00-14:30 (9821)76250697  Ground Floor, Seraj Building, Noavari Street
Bank Affairs Melli Bank  8:00-12:30 (9821)76250520-76511011   Ground Floor,General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Bank Affairs  Saderat Bank Iran 8:00-12:30 (9821)76250228  Bank Saderat Iran, LSF Building, 4th Noavari Street, Noavari Street
Bank Affairs  Ayandeh Bank Iran 8:00-13:00 (9821)89313451  9th Noavari Street, Noavari Street
Bank Affairs Bank Melli Iran ATM 8:00-12:30 (9821)76250520-76250312   Ground Floor,General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Bank Affairs  Resalat Bank ATM 8:00-12:30 (9821)76250697  Scientist Garden, Noavari Street
Bank Affairs Pasargad Bank ATM 8:00-16:30 (9821)76250250-2435  Scientist Garden, Noavari Street
Holding congresses and events Seraj meeting hall 8:00-16:30 (9821)76250250-2435  Ground Floor, Seraj building, Noavari Street
Holding congresses and events Amphitheater 8:00-20:00 (9821)76250040 Ground Floor, Pardis technology hotel, Seraj Street
Meetings Meeting Rooms 8:00-16:30 (9821)76250250-4212  Ground Floor, Seraj building, Noavari Street
Mehrban Kindergarten Kindergarten 7:00-18:00 (9821)76250072 - 73 Eastern side of General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
Bakery Bakery 7:30 - 11
13 - 18
-------- Western side of General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
 Restaurant & Fastfood  Restaurant & Fastfood 8:00-21:00 (9821)76250086 - 96   Ground Floor,General Facilities Complex, Seraj Street
 Industrial photograph,video clip, holding events Negah-e Haftom Photography 8:00-16:00 (98)9357383196  First Floor, General Facilities Complex,Seraj Street
Gym Health House 6:00-22:00 (9821)76250083  Under Ground Floor, Seraj building, Noavari Street
CarWash & Car Services CarWash & Car Services 7:30-18:00 (9821)76250270 Glolabi Sq. End of Noavari Street
Stadium Futsal, BasketBall, Volley Ball, … 8:00-22:00 (9821)76250250 End of Danesh Street




Administrative Buildings

Pardis Technology Park (PTP) Central Complex with an area of 30968 sq m. comprises four parts:


  1. Seraj Administrative Complex Building
  2. Techmart Complex Building
  3. General Facility Complex
  4. Noavaran Building

In addition, two other buildings have been built which provide accommodation and welfare services as well as administrative offices to companies. These buildings are rented by private operators and work directly with the park headquarters.

5. Technology Tower

6. Hotel


Brief description:

It includes four sections namely A, B, C and B1 which is totally around 9452 sq m. which has been completed. Sections B, C and B1are used as administrative sections of PTP and section A forms the Multi-Tenant Building (MTB) allocated for MTB type companies (tenant member companies)



Techmart complex conforms section D, parking space andexhibition that totally occupy 11462 sq m. area.




General Facility complex includes five sections called E1 to E5 and has over 10054 sq m.

Hotel, restaurant, store, mosque, hair salon, insurance & etc. are all located in this complex.



Noavaran building got designed and constructed an area of over 5000 Square meters. It includes more than 30 leased office spaces (independent spaces) to rent to the companies. It includes a conference room as well.


Pardis Technology Tower with an area of 2300 sq. m. is situated at the gateway of the Pardis Technology Park symbolizing technology development, progress and dynamism.

Pardis Technology Tower has 9 floors and 2 underground floors. Its height is 40 m from ground level and its foundation is situated 8 meters deep below the ground level. The building is in the form of a triangle and there are spaces for introducing and displaying advanced technologies including IT and ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other technologies existing in the country. Moreover, there are administration department, meeting rooms, notification center and other refreshment areas.

This tower has a huge water tank with 800mv capacity which not only provides water for fire extinguishing purposes but also there is space for the staff to enjoy swimming.

The concrete structure and steel frame construction began from 2006 and was accomplished in 2008. It is worth mentioning that since the façade of the building is totally glass, the minimum heat transfer and light reflection is designed.



Pardis hotel at the Pardis Technology Park is located in a unique place surrounded by hi-tech companies in different fields.

The three-storey hotel with 27 suites as well as conference hall is a great place for a good sojourn.

Address: Pardis Hotel, Noavarai 8 street, Noavarai ave., Pardis Technology Park, Damavand-Tehran road

Tel:             +98 21-76250040

                  +98 21-76250038









Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021



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