how to register?

how to register?

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Membership in Pardis Technology Park


Companies and groups active in the field of technology and innovation can apply for membership in the campus technology park. 

Applicants for admission to Pardis Technology Park can visit Pardis Technology Park e-services portal and register their application.

Technical and financial evaluation will be done for park applicants.

In the last stage, the process of signing a contract for the ceding land and renal area to approved companies will be done.

For more information and to follow up the submitted requests, you can call 76250250 (extension numbers 2208 and 2213).

Establishment procedure:

Technology units should inform recruitment and admission office

of establishing personnel in the company premises or rental unit located in the park.

After reviewing and approving the establishment, a visit will be made by the Office of Monitoring and Evaluation of Technology Units accompanied by some deputies and park managers.

If the technology units intend to hold the opening ceremony, they can use the conference hall of the park headquarters to hold the event for free.


Legal benefits of being established in Pardis Technology Park

These benefits are based on the executive regulations of Article 47 of the Fourth Development Plan and are as follows:

- Annual Performance Tax Exemption (Declaration)

- Tax exemption on contracts

- Exemption from the rights of park personnel

-  Exemption from paying any usual taxes

- Foreign exchange transactions

- Labor law

After approving the Law on Support of Knowledge-Based Companies in 1389, companies can also use these benefits after approving the related executive statute.

How to use tax exemptions:

Taking advantage of tax exemptions is only limited to the technology unit located in the park.

The purpose of establishment is to meet the following conditions simultaneously by the technology unit:

1- Finalizing all or part of the building by the company (operation of part of the building means completing the facade, ‌ work space and one or more floors). Rental units or administrative bodies and incubators are exempted.

2-  Technology unit research staff establishment in the building (one person for every 30 square meters, in the land and administrative sector; and at least 3 people in the rental sector) and their duties in line with the main activity of the technology unit.

3-  Changing the company’s registered address to the address of the company in the park (through a letter to the technology units management with the Pardis Technology Park companies’ registration office) and sending a copy of the official newspaper ad to change the address of the technology unit to receive a technology license from the park.

4- Changing the insurance and tax branches of the technology unit to the regional offices (Bumehen tax office and the social security organization of Roodehen) and submitting its documents.

5- Signing a contract with the personnel in the form of a contract determined by Pardis Technology Park (the way to sign this contract has been formulated in regulations for informing the established technology units). After signing the contract with the personnel, a copy of it (sealed by the company) should be handed over to the evaluation and supervision expert.

** Other details of using legal benefits and the related processes have been formulated in the form of a comprehensive by-law on the legal benefits of Pardis Technology Park.


Receiving and extending technology license

After following the above steps and the company’s full establishment, Pardis Technology Park will issue a technology license based on the company's activity. The license is a prerequisite for using all legal benefits.

The license will be valid for a maximum of one year and will be extended on the first of Aban every year if the operation of the technology unit is approved by the park.


How to use public and expert services in Pardis Technology Park

For the well-being of the technology units located in Pardis Technology Park, the information of the general and specialized service providers, as well as the location and contact number, is collected in a catalog and is updated quarterly.

After the applicants’ membership is confirmed, a land transfer or tenancy agreement is signed with them. These contracts include rules that provide duties for Pardis Technology Park members.

Some of these terms are as follow:

Contractual rules in the land sector:

1. Transferable lands will be ceded to technology units solely for the purpose of launching a research and technology unit, and it is used use is immutable, so technology units are committed and obligated not to use the building contrary to the objectives.

2. Technology units are committed to follow regulations of the building issued by the relevant departments and organizations and to those announced by Pardis Technology Park, as well as its comprehensive plan.

3. The technology units are committed to construct the building according to the plans approved by Pardis Technology Park architecture committee, and during the implementation process, the Phase 3 consultant will supervise its proper implementation and send his reports to the park on a regular and monthly basis.

4. Obtaining a construction permit and the right to use water, electricity, gas and telephone for land and research unit and paying all relevant costs and cost of technology units and the park will only issue letter to the relevant departments.

5. Park is responsible for preparing land for creating infrastructure facilities, including access to streets, water supply networks, public sewage, electricity transmission and telephone lines in the public thoroughfares of the park and limited to the main entrance of each unit.

6. Participation of the units and their representatives in the park administration, instructions for paying maintenance costs and other items such as green space, asphalt, facilities, water and sewage, and repair and improving services and their renovation and the like are the responsibility of all owners.

7. In order to receive the official document, the technology units are obliged to present the certificate to the park after completing the construction operations and receiving certificate, and to establish it in its building (according to the initial plan).

8. If the technology units give up the occupation of the land, or during the contract period, request for rescission, violate the provisions of this contract, park only refunds after deducting the related debts and expenses.

Contractual terms in the rental sector:

1. The leased property is rented to the tenant only for establishing research and technology office" and the tenant has no right to change the application type.

2. The tenant has no right to transfer property under any circumstances.

3. All payments regarding water consumption, electricity, telephone, sewage disposal and other specific and general costs is the responsibility and cost of the tenant and the tenant is obliged to pay the original bills or the invoices issued by the landlord.

4. Paying for rental maintenance costs (monthly charge) based on the announcement of the landlord's representative, as well as costs related to other public services and support.

5. The tenant is responsible for carrying out all minor repairs with the prior and written consent of the landlord and paying the costs.

6. he tenant is obliged to vacate the area at the expiration of the rental term or in case of termination of this contract by the lessor and to deliver it to the lessor in the same form and condition as it has been delivered.

7. Lessor responsible for General and major repairs in the office and building, including repairing the breakdown of devices and pipes of facilities and water supply that are not due to negligence of the tenant.

8. Lessor provides the possibility of using general and specialized services available in the park, including the use of conference halls, laboratories, computer and Internet systems, meeting rooms, as well as some administrative and consulting services in the field of insurance and provides marketing, investment, patents, attending seminars and training classes based on certain tariffs.

9. Tenant activity is assessed periodically (every 4 months) by the park. The evaluation is based on the regulations of the park and is the criterion for the company's presence in the center. Companies that score below average at the end of one year will not be able to extend their presence at the center.

10. The working hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but the technology units can apply for the presence of their staff during the hours outside this area with prior coordination.

11. Technology units are required to observe the per capita of 1 person for every 10 square meters.

12. The tenant technology unit should avoid any activity associated with sound, environmental and urban pollution.

13. Technology units are required to use furniture suitable for  the office, and furnishing and partitioning should be in a way that no damage is done to walls, windows, glass walls, floor, ceiling, etc.

14. The tenant is responsible for cleaning the private spaces of each company (bathroom, kitchen, office space and interior glass).


Design and construction terms:

The criteria for designing and constructing the building of technology units in Pardis Technology Park are as follows:


Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road (Main Stresst), Tehran I.R. Iran.

Postal Code: 1657163871

Tel: 76250250 _ 021

Fax: 76250100 _ 021



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