In the last day of INOTEX2023:

3rd KANS Scientific Competition Introduces Final Winners

3rd KANS Scientific Competition Introduces Final Winners

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The 3rd Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) scientific competition introduced six winners in the last day of INOTEX2023.

The event was held in Iran National Techmart building.

According to its official website, KANS aims to present science-based solutions to human issues which are offered by young scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout the Islamic countries.

In this competition, the researchers and technologists of the Islamic world are invited to present their solutions for the challenges raised by international industries and institutions in the same fields.

KANZ is held in the fields of Agriculture and Food Industries, Health and MedTech, Energy, Water and Environment, Electronics and Robotics, ICT and Artificial Intelligence and Mining and Mineral Industries.

78 challenges from 16 pavilions and from Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and Azerbaijan were present.

881 works from Azerbaijan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Brunei, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tatarstan, Turkey, Russia, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam and India were sent to the secretariat.

Winners of the 3rd Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) are as follow:

  1. Sina Mozaffari-Jovin, Health & Med-Tech, Iran
  2. Siti Fauziah Toha, ICT & AI, Malaysia
  3. Nur Faeza Abu Kassim, Energy, Water & Environment, Malaysia
  4. Azam Karami, Electronic & Robotics, Iran
  5. Iman Saleh, Agriculture & Food Industry, Lebanon
  6. Nadir Atayev, Electronic & Robotics, Azerbaijan

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