With the aim of being familiar with Pardis Technology Park and identifying the capacity of bilateral cooperation:

Governor of Yazd Visits Pardis Technology Park

Governor of Yazd Visits Pardis Technology Park

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The governor of Yazd Mehran Fatemi visited Pardis Technology Park and in to be familiarized with the different parts of the park.

Fatemi also visited innovation and knowledge departments.

He was hosted by President of Pardis Technology Park Mehdi Saffarinia, Mojtabi Jabaripour, General Manager of Pardis Technology Park for Promotion and Development of Innovation Clusters, Mohammad Saleh Khaleghi, Secretary of Iran's National Techmart, and Ali Omrani, Head of the Mostafa Prize Secretariat.

The visitors attended the first phase of the park to get acquainted with the specialized activities and measures taken in Pardis Technology Park for developing the technology ecosystem and innovation in the country.

Thanks to the capacities of Yazd province, we are after hosting scientists from the Islamic world during Mustafa Prize week, Fatemi said.

Yazd is one of the 4th industrial province in Iran, and the suitable industrial capacities of the province can pave the ground for technological cooperation between Pardis Technology Park and Yazd Science and Technology Park, he added.

He hoped for using the positive experiences of Pardis Technology Park for developing technology units in Yazd province and the special technology zone of ​​the province with an area covering ​​500 hectares.

The two sides agreed to establish bilateral cooperation in line with implementing SADAF plan and developing Yazd Techmart activities.

Visiting the exhibition of technological products, the co-working space, different phases of the park and how Azad University is connected to the Pardis Innovation District and the presence of students in the park were on the agenda of the visit.


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