During INOTEX 2024:

Gov’t Spox Unveils 9 Knowledge-Based Products

Gov’t Spox Unveils 9 Knowledge-Based Products

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The Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi unveiled nine knowledge-based products in INOTEX 2024.

One of the methods of measuring the height of the fluid is using the immersion method. Unlike the buoyancy model, this method has a lot of complexity, but its low sensitivity to density and insensitivity to fluid vapors has made it one of the most widely used methods in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Sharif Safe Innovative Company (NAAD) is active in the field of information and communication technology and computer software.

The company's products are aimed at providing safe and fast solutions with the combined hardware and software design method and have a very high level of technology so that it has been approved as level 1.

This company has made a product called the third generation 1Gbps virtual private network secure communication tunnel.

By using virtual private network secure communication tunnel technology to connect two private networks or a private network with one user through an insecure internet network, with security through cryptography and electronic signature, designing a hardware secure communication tunnel product in the form of Bare-Metal and without an operating system and on the FPGA platform, the possibility of connecting two networks Site to Site (VPN) up to Gbps and connecting a network with a user up to 12Mbps is one of the characteristics of this product.

Farda Danesh Andish Koosha Company is one of the active companies in the field of electronics in Hormozgan province, which was founded in 1402 as a start-up and focuses on the research and development of products related to the control and monitoring of electric motors.

The company has provided an equipment for monitoring control and advanced protection of Low Voltage electric motors.

This product is designed to protect and control low pressure engines against current errors and temperature stresses so that by sampling the engine currents and removing high frequency noises, it analyzes the signal harmonically and by extracting the main component and, the calculation of the effective values ​​of the flow of errors is identified and stored online.

Ghadir Development Company consists of 6 departments of design and analysis, manufacturing and production of artificial intelligence and commercial software materials.

The main objective of the company is designing and producing industrial mechanisms such as rotary machines and analytical software.

RoViLab software is a virtual laboratory for designing and analyzing all kinds of rotating machines from the perspective of rotor dynamics.

It is possible to design and display rotating machines and observe the desired results in the shortest possible time and in an integrated working environment through the software's graphic interface, using advanced methods.

The new analytical and numerical solution, parametric study capability, as well as the possibility of investigating the effect of manufacturing defects and their sensitivity measurement are among the characteristics of this product.

Finally, inflatable packers that can be installed and removed, which are one of the most important types of packers that are used in the processes related to the repair, maintenance and stimulation of oil and gas wells.


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