Sacaratech cooperation with Iran’s railway industry

Hydraulic Tools and Connecting Rod Checking Gauge

Hydraulic Tools and Connecting Rod Checking Gauge

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Sacaratech Company, one of the members of Pardis Technology Park Elite Technology Development Center, has helped the country's railway industry by producing hydraulic tools and connecting rod checking gauge. These tools are used in the production and repairment of train engines.

CEO of Sacaratech Company Alireza Noroozian said that the hydraulic tool works converts hydraulic pressure into rotational force (torque) and is used to open and close very large screws, such as metal bridges, loaders, locomotives, oil and gas industry, and all heavy industries.

He added that the company also produces connecting rod checking gauge.

The connecting rod is a vital part in combustion engines, because it has high precision in dimensions and geometry, he stated.


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