An achievement made by a knowledge-based company in Pardis Technology Park:

Saving $10m By Producing an Anesthesia Machine with A Ventilator

Saving $10m By Producing an Anesthesia Machine with A Ventilator

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Experts in Premier Electromedical Care Company, a member of Pardis Technology Park, met the health industry's need for one of the most important equipment for operating rooms and the anesthesia process by making an anesthesia machine with a ventilator.

The product is used during surgeries in the operating room, CEO of Premier Electromedical Care Company Mohammad Reza Company said.

After anesthetizing the patient with his relevant drugs, all the patient's breathing processes during the surgery until its completion are performed intelligently by the device, he added.

Fortunately, due to the high-quality of the Iranian products and the reduction of dependence on imports, the share of imports is now about 5% of the total market, he stated.

This device is used in medical centers, operating rooms, during surgery and is part of medical equipment with very advanced technology, he added.

This knowledge-based product is equal to imported samples in terms of quality and technical specifications, even in some cases, more options have been used in domestically produced devices, he stressed.


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