Member of Parliament addressing the closing ceremony of INOTEX 2024:

Iran’s Parliament Puts on Agenda Supporting Knowledge-Based Companies

Iran’s Parliament Puts on Agenda Supporting Knowledge-Based Companies

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Ruhollah Motefaker Azad, a member of the Iranian Parliament presiding board appreciated the attendance in INOTEX 2024, saying: "Currently, we have no other way to grow in the country, and this is only possible with the growth of science and technology, hence the market of 15 countries in the region is good for us to develop the production and export in the field of technology and innovation.

Rules for the development of technology effective is an effective assistance in this field and there have been new developments in the field of knowledge-based, which we will probably face small and large challenges, but we hope that larger units will be the driving force in this field.

The Parliament is trying to materialize creative governance, and it is hoped that effective measures will be taken in the field of knowledge-based laws, he added.


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