Teaching financial literacy along with entertainment to children and teenagers:

Kidzy, A Platform for Presenting Software Solutions for Children and Teenagers

Kidzy, A Platform for Presenting Software Solutions for Children and Teenagers

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Kidzy is a platform for presenting software solutions for children and teenagers, which was designed and launched by one of the members of Pardis Technology Park in the Iranian calendar year1400, based on solving the concerns of parents about their children and as a platform to provide services to children and parents.

Head of Kidzy project Mahmood Reza Farhadi said that Kidzy is a place for entertaining children, parents and monitoring children’s activities without harming their freedom and independent identity.

"Pod Smart Land" is a platform for providing a variety of digital products and services.

He noted that "Pod Smart Land" is aimed at providing infrastructure for families.

One of the important principles in businesses that are related to children is to pay attention to the fact that they are served in such a way that the world of children is not forgotten.

Meanwhile, the marketing manager of Kidzy project Zahra Ohadi said that the main advertising platform is social networks, but these channels are not the right way to communicate with children.

The limitation of the communication channel with children has made the marketing of children's businesses more attractive.


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