Founder of Zist Takhmir Company, a member of Pardis Technology Park, says about probiotic products:

Microorganisms for All Seasons

Microorganisms for All Seasons

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Probiotics are live microorganisms or microorganisms that can help improve or restore the intestinal microbial flora - the collection of bacteria, fungi and archaea that live in the digestive tract.

CEO of Zist Takhmir Company Sahar Bahmani said that the company is the oldest and most complete probiotic production complex that can produce more than 200,000 kg of living cells per year, which are used for various medicinal, food, livestock and export purposes.

Our company has produced items for different ages, genders and diseases, she added.

Pharmaceutical supplements are among our other new products, she noted.

For example, Biobion is a product that is liposomal iron combined with zinc (zinc) and Neurobion (B vitamins), she stated.

The important characteristic of this product is that, like injectable drugs, it is supplied in a vial with high absorption, she said.

Anticancer drugs and immunosuppressive drugs are other new synthetic drugs introduced by Zist Takhmir Company in recent months, Bahmani said.


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