Production of all kinds of ceramic coatings in Pardis Technology Park:

Non-Oxide Ceramics a Good Substitute for Industrial Metal Materials

Non-Oxide Ceramics a Good Substitute for Industrial Metal Materials

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A knowledge-based member of Pardis Technology Park has provided a suitable alternative for industrial metal items by producing non-oxide ceramics.

Non-oxide engineering ceramics have high hardness, melting temperature, strength, elastic modulus and corrosion resistance with very low density.

Maptech company is active in the field of production of all kinds of ceramic and composite parts, as well as providing testing services in the field of material engineering, and has designed and produced a variety of products.

CEO of Maptech company Nasser Ehsani said that oxide and non-oxide ceramics, advanced composites, ceramic coatings and mechanical equipment are among the products of this company, which have been used by various customers in various industries.

Gathering a group of creative experts has led to the production of various ceramic products in this company., he added


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