With the Ability to Save 38 Million Euros Per Year:

Production of Raw Materials For Drilling Pipes, Oil, And Gas In Pardis Technology Park

Production of Raw Materials For Drilling Pipes, Oil, And Gas In Pardis  Technology Park

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The researchers of a knowledge-based Company in Pardis Technology Park produced the raw materials for drilling pipes, oil, gas, and petrochemicals, which are mainly imported, with high strength.

The production of this product saves 38 million euros for the country.

The CEO of the company said: We were able to produce the raw materials of drilling pipes, oil, gas, petrochemical, etc., which are mainly imported, with high resistance using scraps.

The impact of the product in neutralizing sanctions, and meeting the country's strategic needs in the field of stainless steels (especially 300 series steels as the most widely used engineering alloys in various industries) were among the reasons for the company's entry into this field.

These alloys are produced with different technology and are more economical compared to foreign samples, he noted.

In addition to the gas industry and drilling pipes, the oil industry, food industry, energy industry, automobile, power plants, and converters can take advantage of these alloys.

Corrosion resistance and maintenance of mechanical and chemical properties in corrosive environments containing sulfur such as oil wells containing sour gas in accordance with the API standard, saving foreign exchange, exporting and collecting foreign currency, saving energy consumption, and recycling industrial and steel products and parts from the final product are important in this product.

Neighboring countries that do not have the technology to produce these CRA alloys (300 series austenitic stainless steel) are our export destinations, he said adding that Iraq, Armenia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, etc. are among our export targets.


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