last day of Inotex 2022

The Closing Ceremony and Introduction Of The Winners Of The 11th Inotex Events Was Held

The Closing Ceremony and Introduction Of The Winners Of The 11th Inotex Events Was Held

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Tehran_(PTP) The closing ceremony of the 11th Inotex 2022 event was held on the evening of Friday, May 13, at the Pardis Technology Park. According to the news agency of Inotex 2022 exhibition, the event secretary, referring to the presence of more than 400 companies from seven countries and the visit of 70 foreign guests to the exhibition, said that during the 4 days of the exhibition, 14 events, 450 sessions in investment Cafe, 6 reverse-pitch, 400 free consulting sessions and 300 presentation sessions in the fields of technology and innovation were held. He added: The winners of the Kans, Inotex Pitch and InotexIcup (SICUP) events were also introduced and honored.

 On Friday, May 13, 2022, the last day of the Inotex 2022 exhibition spent on examining part of the metaverse injuries. The CEO of Fanapplus during the Nextation event of inotex 2022, referring to the injuries of Metaverse, said: "We must use the latest methodology in the world and develop artificial intelligence engineering to have a serious change in the education and learning of edge generation and to bring this dream of adaptive learning, to reality."

 Gino was a welcomed event at inotex 2022 to integrate other computer games.                                Shahab Azimian said about the other goals of this event: In the first day of Inotex 2022 event, some issues about game developers, streamers and journalists have been discussed and some efforts have been made to form different sections.

 On the last day of Inotex 2022 exhibition, the amphitheater of Technomart complex of Pardis Technology Park hosted the event of super-challenge of governing the digital games ecosystem in Iran.  In this super challenge, which was attended by officials and experts of digital games, Mohammad Reza Atarodi, a member of the faculty of the Governance and Public Affairs Department of Imam Sadegh University, said that digital games are an emerging cultural media industry that require the efforts of officials and the private sector to expand this area.  Amir Khorakian, spokesperson for the National Cybersecurity Center, also said that digital games are very important, which is the concern of all related officials. Abolfazl Sadegh, CEO of Tetrapuzzle game development studio, emphasized the urgent need for game discourse and game development in the media, especially radio and television.

 The two-day filmmaking workshop, based on a 4-minute short documentary, was held aiming at learning basic filmmaking skills for interested teenagers with the guidance of experts in online and in person courses at the Inotex 2022 International Exhibition. The ages of Attendance at this workshop have been ranged between 14 to 18 year who’s interested in cinema and filmmaking, and it has been feasible for interested people in other cities to participate virtually.

The first Post Bank branch was opened at High Technology Development Fund of Pardis Technology Park. High Technology Development Fund, as the financial arm of knowledge-based and technology companies, has so far been able to sign financial agreements with more than 14 banks, with performing the electronic process of providing financial services, possibility of using these types of banking services by issuing the guarantees, providing facilities, investment and participation and crowdfunding to the applicant.

 On the last day of Inotex 2022, the 12th investment Cafe event at Inotex 2022 was accompanied by the signing of a contract between Hoober Medical Equipment Company and Fatr Sharif Accelerator. The contract subject was about a foot-drop abnormality treatment device for electrical stimulation rehabilitation.

The fourth Sicup event was held with the goal of developing educational technologies.  The event was held in several sections: student events, teachers, exhibitions, prototypes and competition between educational startups. One of the main parts of this event was the student and top teacher event section, so that after the registration should pass the mentoring process and gain experience in the first three days of the exhibition and then on the final day, they would compete each other.

 The final stage of the second round of the Kans scientific competition was held with the participation of 20 people from Iran, Malaysia and Bangladesh, introducing the winners in the Inotex 2022 exhibition of Pardis Technology Park. In the competitive courses of Kans, scientific and technological achievements in the form of economics, banking and financing, water, environment and energy, health and medtech, information and communication technology, transportation and mining and mineral industries were represented and nominees were defended their projects. On the last day of Inotex 2022 exhibition, several members of parliament and national officials also attended the exhibition and visited the knowledge-based companies at the exhibition.

 Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) during his visit to Inotex 2022 said: "One of the goals of the presence of the Creative House of the legislatures Deputy Center in Inotex is to support knowledge-based companies that are innovative in communal and social fields."

 Babak Negahdari, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center of Parliament, attended the Inotex exhibition and visited the achievements of knowledge-based companies.  Referring to the slight development of this year's exhibition, he said: "We are witnessing a kind of transformational approach in the exhibition, and that is the presence of innovations related to public offering."

 Afshari, President of the Islamic Azad University of Pardis, on the sidelines of the Inotex 2022 exhibition, said: "In this large gathering, people from different fields of technology will gather together and this can help networking, creating knowledge about the capabilities of knowledge-based companies and developing the country's technology ecosystem.”

 A member of the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, during his visit to the Inotex 2022 exhibition, said: "More than 12,000 lines of law have been enacted on various issue since the first period of the Constitution from 1906 until today."  Innovative solutions can refine these laws and solve this problem.

 Seyyed Ali Yazdikhah, a member of Cultural Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, on the sidelines of a visit to the pavilion House of Creativity and Innovation of the Legislature, Have declared that: fortunately, during the last decade, Parliament and government show their interest in entry of the private sector and satisfy the needs of the country about the actions of the Cultural Commission in the field of knowledge-based and innovation.

 A member of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, during his visit to Inotex 2022, referring to the approval of the Law on the Protection of Knowledge-Based Companies, said that the approval of this law is a great step in supporting these companies.

 On the last day of Inotex exhibition, Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi attended the exhibition and visited the Inotex event and got acquainted with the achievements of knowledge-based companies. Dehnavi Referring to the approved Law on the Protection of Knowledge-Based Companies in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that this law was reviewed and approved 11 years after the first law related to knowledge-based companies when the problems toward companies identified and removed.

 The Minister of Health of Pakistan, during the visit to Inotex 2022, acclaimed Iran's improvement in the field of knowledge-based and demanded for closer ties between these companies and Pakistani companies. Dr azra Pechuho, Minister of Health of Sindh Province, at the 11th Inotex Exhibition, referring to the achievements of Iranian knowledge-based companies, especially in the field of health and medicine said that "we are ready to transfer Iran's achievements to Pakistan."



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