One of the successful outcomes of PTP cooperation with Iranian experts abroad:

The Cold Supply Chain Designed and Produced by Iranian Experts Returning Home

The Cold Supply Chain Designed and Produced by Iranian Experts Returning Home

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The cold supply chain is one of the most challenging branches of logistics, which plays a very important role in the health of food, medicine and temperature-sensitive items; an industry that is on the border of health and logistics.

The Iranian experts Farapayesh Amin company have designed and produced this strategic product from the successful collaboration project with Iranian experts abroad, which has been active in Pardis Technology Park growth center.

Primary and final food and drug materials that are sensitive to temperature must be continuously stored and transported in ideal and standard conditions since a few minutes difference between the temperature of the storage environment and the defined standards may lead to spoilage and waste or reduce the quality of the items.

Zahra Kolahdoz, a PhD student in microelectronics from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands and a bachelor's degree in nanoelectronics from Tehran University, the founder and its CEO in Pardis Technology Park, elaborates on the achievements and importance of temperature monitoring in the supply chain, as well as the adversities of the market and innovative businesses and regulatory weaknesses in this field.

CoolTag is a miniature smart data logger that is installed as a label on sensitive goods and records the ambient temperature according to the standard defined for the goods.

This product is used in the food supply chain and products that require temperature monitoring during the distribution chain.

These products can both increase the quality and health of the products and reduce the waste of products and the costs for the government and the industries involved, she added.

Temperature monitoring in the supply chain is always one of the biggest challenges, and if a product is damaged due to exposure to unfavorable temperature conditions, tracking the reason is difficult.


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