With the aim of creating synergy between student scientific associations and unions:

Pardis Technology Park Attends Festival of Harkat

Pardis Technology Park Attends Festival of Harkat

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The 14th Festival of Harkat is underway in the presence of Pardis Technology Park in the University Of Tehran's Club.

Elite Technology Development Center pavilions and expert technology services corridors were organized by the office of developing innovation branches and with cooperation of the Elite Technology Development Center.

The festival is aimed at emphasizing synergy, proliferation of creative ideas and motivation and vitality among student scientific associations and unions.

This festival is the basis for a new movement to accompany and organize students' scientific and entrepreneurial activities.

Zist Yar Mehr Andish, Dade Pardaz Borna San Chekad, Medad-AI, Bazisaz Bash, Aryna and Fan Azarakhsh Parva showcased their achievements and services in University Of Tehran's Club.


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